1815 Tax information for the Town of New Castle

Annotated by Liam Riordan

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ilgble134Bot 2/5
Carter's est 60[indented]Bot 2/5
AdamsRobt134Pres. 1810 contrn to LattaBot 2/5
AlxndrArchbld1492est, anti-AfAm pet (1809)Pres. rents pew 1790 3.15.0£ w/ Jhn Stcktn. Rep poltcn for ass Am Watch, 9/30/1809 -- see diff cites in 1798 and 1826 taxes.1Q
AndersonEnoch200rev military journal??Dem Rep Com of Vig, Am Watch 10/7/23.3Q
AndersonSipio134cold.UCA?, Jacob/Wilm mem 1813, Af AmBot 2/5
ArdisWillm C.134Bot 2/5
ArmnstrngWm134anti-AfAm pet (1809)Bot 2/5
AullWm1804heirs [est]Pres. rent pew 1800 w/ John A. Wilm b 1756, ep bap 1760.1Q top
AullJn1754Mix. rent prs pew 1800 w. Willm A. Mrs Margrt full memb 1826 and Miss Eliza/Maria. Women get prs removal cert to Missri in 1830. Also-Jn/Eliz ep bap Jam and Wilm 1806, Robt 1808.Dem Rep Com of Vig, Am Watch 10/7/23.1Q top
BallPeter134Bot 2/5
BalwinRebeca65est, womanBot 2/5
BalwinRachel130est, womanBot 2/5
BarrRobt2219estPres. pays advnce pew rent for latta 1810. Trustee 1811. dtr Ann full member Dec 1815. Mrs Margt/Eliza full mems 1826-wife of elder Saml? Miss Ann, Mary, and Rebca Ann membs 1826.1Q top
BarrAdam1274est, anti-AfAm pet (1809)Pres. attends 1800 mtng to elect trsts. 18101Q
BarrSaml1457esq, anti-AfAm pet (1809), Pres min in NC 1791-96, d. 1818Pres. rents pew 1790 2.0.0. Trustee 1791-1825.1Q
BarrPatrick134Bot 2/5
BelvillJacob4045est., anti-AfAm pet (1809)Pres. rents pew 1790 2.0.0. 1800/10. Trustee 1825.1Q top
BelvillJn134census MaryMix. Prs. rec'd from Philda ch Nov 1813. Trustee 1815-25. Mrs Mary full mem 1826. Saml mem 1826, not on main list. Mrs Mary removl cert to Dayton, OH 1831. Ep pew rent 1822.Bot 2/5
BenettCalib P.1869anti-AfAm pet (1809)Pres. paid in 1802 collctrs bk, no first nameDem gov in 18321Q top
BlackJam R.265esq, anti-AfAm pet (1809)Epis. J/Maria bap Jane 1827, (also Mary, Sarah, Margrt each 2), 3 AfAms in hsld in 1830--JB a UCA mem (1813). Rents 1822 ep pewrep3Q
BlaneyCarnelius D.134Epis. Rents 1822 ep pew.Bot 2/5
BlanyDanl160anti-AfAm pet (1809)Pres. subscribes pew 1800.3Q
BlountRobt134cens SarahBot 2/5
BondThos1449anti-AfAm pet (1809)Pres. 1810 contrbtn for Latta's salary.1Q
BoothJam2820esq., Sup Ct judge, anti-AfAm pet (1809)Epis marge by lic to Ann Clay 1785, they bap 8 kids 1790-1809 incldg Eliz 1796 at age 4. Rents Prs pew 1790 4£. 1800 "occupyer". Ep bur 1818. Miss Eliz full mem prs 1826. Rents 1822 ep pewFed com to crtize war measures in 1812, Munroe, LM, 60. Fed loser for gov 1822. 1Q top
Booth jr.Jam200esq.Epis. bap 1790 Jam/Ann (Nancy) parents. Eliz sis. marr'd Hannah W Rogers w/ lic 1819, they bap 9 kids 1824-36. Rents 1822 ep pewFed can for state ass, Del Gaz 9/26/16.3Q
BowmanJermh520anti-AfAm pet (1809), ad to sell negro man w/ 6-7 years to serve, Del Gaz 8/25/14.Mix. Prs. subs pew 1800. Eps marge by lic to Susnah Lefevre 1800, they bap 6 kids 1803-13. Rents 1822 ep pew 2Q
BroomJam M.1000est., PrsFed com to crtzse Madsn's handlng of war 1812, Munroe, LM, 60.1Q
ButcherJoseph840estPres. attends 1800 mtng to elect trsts.1Q
CableThos G 1106est, anti-AfAm pet (1809)1Q
CaldwellSarah30woman, censusBot 2/5
CarpntrSaml292Mix. Prs. 1810 contrbtn for Latta's salary. 1826 full memb w/ w Mary. Rents ep pew 1822.3Q
CarriganWm872Pres. 1810 contrn to Latta's salry1Q
CarsonJn577Pres. attends 1800 mtng to elect trsts.2Q
ClarkElzbth65est, womanEpis bap Tho/Eliza for Sra Ann 1803, widow of Thos in 1798Bot 2/5
ClayRobt164revd, Epis minstr 1788-1824. Rents 1822 ep pew 3Q
ColesberyJacob782anti-AfAm pet (1809)Epis marge by lic to Ann Cthrne Gavenroot 1761. J/C bap 3 kids 1764-74. Epis bur child 1804.2Q
ColesberyHenry1117doctr, [twn comnsr], anti-AfAm pet (1809)Mix. Prs. pays advnce pew rent for latta 1810. Ep marge by lic to Hester Bowman 1820, they bap son 1824. HC ep bap 1761/69. Rents 1822 ep pew 1Q
ColginJn134Epis. mard Mary by lic 1809, they bap 4 kids 1811-19.Bot 2/5
ConnerIsaac134Bot 2/5
CorbitEnlow134eps wife? Eliz adult bap 1815Bot 2/5
CorseJesse134Bot 2/5
CouperJam134Mix. Prs. pays advnce pew rent for latta 1810. 1826 full memb w/ w. Clerk 1830. Eps. Rents 1822 ep pew.Bot 2/5
Couper jr.Jam200Pres. pays advnce pew rent for latta 1810.3Q
CrawfordRebeca293est, woman3Q
CrowJohn680[twn commsnr], anti-AfAm pet (1809), recvd 1816 dir tax. letter in Read Coll, HSP, 1820 in favor of rechartering Farmers Bank. Sec of NC Turnpike Co, Am Watch 10/3/18.Pres. rents 2 pews 1790 3.15.0Rep candiate for state ass, Am Watch, 9/26/18. Many cites in 1798 and 1826.2Q
CurletLewis104Bot 2/5
DavisAbraham134Bot 2/5
DavisElias134cold.Bot 2/5
de--?Joshua Joseph2003Q
DempseyJn134anti-AfAm pet (1809)Bot 2/5
de_? [same as JJ?]John C_?134Bot 2/5
DixsonJn134anti-AfAm pet (1809)Bot 2/5
DorseyAnn416est, woman2Q
DulanyHarper134Bot 2/5
DuncanAlxndr1472anti-AfAm pet (1809), sold land to UCA w w/ Jean in 1818. sarah witnessMix. Prs. rents 1/2 pew 1790 4£. Full prs commun 1825. Ep bur 1829. 1826 full memb w/ w [Jane D. 70+ in 1830] Also Miss Sally seprtly. Ep bur Mrs Duncan 1832.1Q
DuncanJam134anti-AfAm pet (1809)Bot 2/5
EnosJn346estMix. Prs. rent 1/2 pew 1800 w/ S Barr. ep bap 1791. ep marge by lic to Rebca Moore 1775.2Q
FenisterAlxdr332estFed Com of Vigil, Del Gaz 9/23/16. Also see NCH18162Q
FordJoseph134cold/negBot 2/5
FordWm134coldEpis. marrd Jane Murphy w/o cert. 1810. Mrs Ann full memb prs 1826?Bot 2/5
ForsterJn134cold/negBot 2/5
FosterSaml300Epis bap Saml/Magrt 7 kids Dec 25 1816 ages 1-17.2Q
FrazerWm600est, anti-AfAm pet (1809)2Q
FrazerJam201Pres. 1826 full memb w/ w. Pres. 1826 full memb w/ w. Miss Mary/Jane full comm 1830.3Q
Fredden?Gunsten?134Bot 2/5
FurnesRobt1554estallwd Meth prchr 1769. Eps marge by lic to Eleanor Martin 1764.1Q top
GardnerJn2997estEpis. Jn/Rebca bap Rachel Ann 18041Q top
GrayJn134Bot 2/5
GreenGeo134coldEpis. marrd Dinah Stokely w/o cert 1810.Bot 2/5
HandGeo4668est.1Q top
HarpJn134Epis. J/Mary bap 5 1781-1816Bot 2/5
HarpDavid134Epis. D/Rebca bap Rachel 1789Bot 2/5
HarveyAlxndr134Pres. rents pew 1790 3.15.0£. Ep bap 1762, 1 of 4 kids Al/Eliz. Eliz esp bur 1824.Bot 2/5
HaysTonney134coldUCA. signed deed 1817Bot 2/5
HenseyOuterbridge20estFed in US SenateBot 2/5
HersterRobt134coldBot 2/5
HickmanMary24womanBot 2/5
HiltonJam300cold.Epis. J/Sara bap 4 kids on Oct 3, 18132Q
HyattThos260Pres rent collctr 1810/11. Full pres communion 18263Q
JamesMary293est, womanPrs3Q
JanverJohn1599anti-AfAm pet (1809), Ad w/ Thos J. for Union Line boats and stages from Phil to Milford. Now 3x weekly, soon to be daily, Del Gaz 9/2/16.Mix. Prs. attends 1800 mtng to elect trsts. Rents ep pew 1822.Rep. listed as Rep in 1804 broadside.1Q top
JanverThos1421anti-AfAm pet (1809), Ad w/ John J. for Union Line boats and stages from Phil to Milford. Now 3x weekly, soon to be daily, Del Gaz 9/2/16.Mix. prs 1810 contrbtn for Latta's salary. eps pew 17 1822. Hy Lilly colrd man at house admttd to Pres mem 1832.Fed Com of Vigil, Del Gaz 9/23/16. Also see NCH18161Q
JanverFrncs1164Pres. rents pew 1790 4.10.0£1Q
JaquetSaml439anti-AfAm pet (1809), witness UCA deed 1818Pres. subscribes pew 1800.2Q
JohnsKensey2006esqEpis. Adult bap 1815 w/ Sarah. KJ/Ann bap 4 kids 1785-99. Rents Prs pew 1790 4.10.0£. 1800 "occupyer." Rents 1822 ep pewFed1Q top
Johns jr.Kensey134esqMix. Pres. Trustee 1815-26. 1826 full memb elder. Mrs Nancy and Mrs Maria listed seprtly. Rents 1822 ep pew. See 1826 tax list (i.e., religion field). Bot 2/5
JohnsonGrace121est, womanBot 2/5
JonesCantwell60estBot 2/5
JonesMorgan391est, Prs2Q
JonesJohn134stagedriverBot 2/5
KennedyJam134Bot 2/5
KeysChristn134Bot 2/5
KingMichl134Epis. Michl/Mary bap jos 1808. Mrs Mary ep bap 1823.Bot 2/5
KingThos134Epis. Thos (dec.) bap 3 yr old Thos in 1821Bot 2/5
LaffertyDanl1498anti-AfAm pet (1809)Rom. Cath. helped purchase RC land 1806 (Janvr, Stries)1Q
ListonEmpson134cold/negBot 2/5
LoganCeasar134cold/negBot 2/5
LottsJn M.134Bot 2/5
ManlyJn146coldEps? sarah manly marrd Jhn Richdsn w/o cert in 18153Q
MansoonDavid134Bot 2/5
MarshJos134[prntr?]UCA? Jacob March UCA trustee 1813, signs NC UCA deed 1817 w. mark.Bot 2/5
MartinJohn134coldEps? JM baptzd 1767 and John/Mary bap Eliza, obvsly 2 diff JMs.Bot 2/5
MasonJn134Epis. marrd Mary Foster w/o cert 1815, they bap Saml 1816Bot 2/5
MasonThos 1563Q
MasonJn F.1713Q
Mason?Morgan?134Bot 2/5
McBrideBarney134Epis. marrd Rose Daniel by lic. 1804.Bot 2/5
McCallmontJam3403est., anti-AfAm pet (1809)Mix. Prs. pays advnce pew rent for latta 1810. rents pr pew 1800. Miss Sally and Capt James McC full mem pr 1826. Susan FBS sec. Rents ep pew 1822.1Q top
McCoyAbrhm134cold/negPres. rents 1802 gallery pew.Bot 2/5
McCulloughJam134captnMix. Prs. capt. full mem 1826. Elder 1830. 3 McC women admttd 1831 (Maria Louise, Sara, Matilda). Baptizes Eliza ep 1799. Ep pew rent 1822Bot 2/5
McCulloughEdwrd134Bot 2/5
McDowellJam166Epis. Jam/Elenr bap dtr 1795.3Q
McGinnissElder134Bot 2/5
McIntireThos134Bot 2/5
McRear?Hugh557estPres. attends 1800 mtng to elect trsts.2Q
McWillms Richd499estEpis marge by lic to Mary Curtis 1748 and Margrt Shaw 1753. RM ep bap 1754.2Q
McWillmsRebeca362womanEpis. Richd/Rbca bap Esther age 4 in 1790. ep bur 1822?, but in all 4 lists2Q
MooreSaml4est, hires Wilm Fowler from NCC almshse 1816. (Bourque, 260)Pres. attends 1800 mtng to elect trsts.Fed. see note in 1798T re broadside.Bot 2/5
MortonFrncs134Bot 2/5
MullemJn200anti-AfAm pet (1809)3Q
MullenHugh134Epis. HM bap 1796 age 2 no parent listedBot 2/5
Mullen jrJn134Bot 2/5
MundalJn2354anti-AfAm pet (1809)Rom Cath1Q top
NewlenThos756est, anti-AfAm pet (1809)Epis. marrd Joanna Prior by lic 1764.2Q
O'NealRobt134Bot 2/5
PattenJn40est. Main resdnce in WilmntnSig rep poltcn from 1790s. See 1798T.Bot 2/5
Pearc-gun?Geo2057anti-AfAm pet (1809)Mix. Prs. rents pew 1791 2£. 1810 contrbtn for Latta's salary. Gunning B. bapt ep 1790. Rents 1822 ep pewFed Com of Vigil, Del Gaz 9/23/16. Also see NCH18161Q top
PewJn134Bot 2/5
RasonoseSarah637est, woman2Q
ReadWm J134esqEpis. Rents pew 26 1822. Bot 2/5
Read IIGeo2269esq, anti-AfAm pet (1809)Epis marge by lic to Lousia Dorsey 1810, they bap 5 kids 1811-21, 3 1825-29. w/ 1st wife Mary Thompson bap 6 1788-1806. Rents Prs pew 1790 4£. 1800 "occupyer." Epis bur 1836. Rents 1822 ep pewWins as Rep state ass, Am Watchmn 10/5/11.1Q top
Read jr IIIGeo534esqEpis. bur 18362Q
RennirCylas?134Bot 2/5
Resterhat?Tobias72estBot 2/5
ReynoldsAlexander 300holds Fedrlt mtng (Del Gaz 1814), apntd to call NCH Fed Meeting, Del Gaz 8/14/162Q
RiddleJames1896Pres. rents 2 pews 1790 3.15.0. 1826 full mem list w/ w Eliza.Loses as Rep for gov, Am Watch 10/9/131Q top
RiddleJohn134anti-AfAm pet (1809)Epis. J/Margt bap Richd 1820, infnt John 1829. Rents 1822 ep pewBot 2/5
RitchieHugh W.1492est, court prothntry 1805 Epis. rents pew 45 1822.1Q
RobisonJn134Bot 2/5
RogersJam512esq, anti-AfAm pet (1809)Epis. marrd Mary Booth by lic 1807. J/Maria bap Jam B Rogers 1809, 7 others April 1824, 1827, 1833. Rents 1822 ep pew2Q
RowanHenry1604est, anti-AfAm pet (1809)Epis. Hy/Mary bap 3 kids 1803-6. child bur 1803. Prs? subscribes pew 1800. HY/Mrs?1Q top
Rush & Iston?1343firm1Q
RussellAndw134PrsBot 2/5
RussellJn134Bot 2/5
Seeds?Adam134Bot 2/5
ShawSaml300anti-AfAm pet (1809)Pres. 1810 contrbtn for Latta's salary. ep? saml/bar bap John Shaugh 1781 age 7.2Q
ShepperdJn134Epis. marrd Sarah Barker by lic 1818.Bot 2/5
Shovng?Adam134Read Coll, HSP. Adam Shivrey accused of violence in breaking toll gate of the NC and Frenchtown Turnpike Co. (1816)Bot 2/5
SimmonsThos134cold/negUCA?. John S, articles trustee 1813Bot 2/5
SmithJam224estPres. attends 1800 mtng to elect trsts. 1800 rents3Q
SmithJonathon125est, cold/negUCA?, David NC 1817Bot 2/5
SpottswoodWm134Epis. marrd Mary Ann McAvoy 1790. Wilm/[Mary] bap 3 kids 1795-1800Bot 2/5
SpringerJn579[twn commsnr], anti-AfAm pet (1809)Mix. Prs. 1810 contrbtn for Latta's salary. 1826 Mrs Cathrne full memb. Eps bur 1823.2Q
StartElijah134Pres. admitted to commn 1828. Mrs Margrt 1826 full memb prs ch. Mrs Start too.Bot 2/5
SteelJohn1612estPrs1Q top
Stevenson?Ed134UCA? Isaac S witnesses Ezion AME deed 1805Bot 2/5
StocktonThos200anti-AfAm pet (1809)Epis, TS and Delia bap kids 1825 and 1827. Delia on prs comm list 18263Q
StoneGeo134Pres 1802 gallery pewBot 2/5
StrandJn134Bot 2/5
TatlowJn1245anti-AfAm pet (1809)Epis. marrd Ann Aiken by lic 1798, they bap 3 kids Nov 18151Q
TatlowElzbth500minor's est, womanEpis. b. and bap 1796 dtr Jos/Mary2Q
TatlowThos134cold/negBot 2/5
Tennon?Lees134Bot 2/5
Thaston?King134Bot 2/5
ThomasChas1675est, anti-AfAm pet (1809)Mix Prs Trustee 1805. 1810 contrbtn. Full prs mem 1826. Eps marrrge to Brenda Johnson by lic 1793. Rents 1822 ep pew. CT and Eliza eps bap Eliza 1821.Rep. listed as Rep in 1804 broadside.1Q top
ThomasEven206esq, anti-AfAm pet (1809), court recorded 1805Pres. attends 1800 mtng to elect trsts. 1810 contrn.Sec NCH pro-JQA meeting, Del Journal 9/28/273Q
TurnerThos 544Pres. 1810 contrbtn for Latta's salary. Full prs commun 1826 w/ Eliza.2Q
VandykeAbrhm134esqBot 2/5
VandykeNichls3756esq, Capt of Union Guards, calls for patriotic mobltzn, Del Gaz 8/25/14.Mix. Prs. Trustee 1815-May 1826 death. 1816 gift. NVD Jr ep bur 1820. Nichls/Mary ep bap Grantham 1800. 1826 full p memb, Mrs Mary seprte listng since he was an elder. Rents ep pew 1822Fed com to crtize war measures in 1812, Munroe, LM, 60.1Q top
VanjoyRobt439[not listed as negro]/coldMix. Prs. rents 1802 gallery pew. 1818 suspended from membrshp for adultry. Eps marge by lic to Dinah 1792. 1826 Dinah (colrd widow) Pres mem.2Q
WalkerAnselm?134Bot 2/5
WallsonJn134Bot 2/5
WalshJames134Epis. J/Hannah bap Willm 1809Bot 2/5
Weaver?Chrstphr300est, anti-AfAm pet (1809)Pres. 1810 contrbtn for Latta's salary. 1/2 1802 gallery pew to Weaver? Mrs Eliza full memb 1826.2Q
WilcoxJn134Bot 2/5
WileyJn1266esq., Epis marge by lic to Eliz McKinsey 1810. ep pew 5 1822. Dinah Wiltbank colrd woman of JW admttd Pres 1832.Apntd to call NCH Fed Meeting, Del Gaz 8/14/161Q
Y--dChas134Bot 2/5
YeatesAnn750est, womanPres. subscribes 1/2 pew 1800 w/ Hugh Marven? Mrs pays rent 1802. ep Jhn/Ann bap John 1793.2Q
YoungJos134coldUCA mem 1813, Phillip signs NC UCA 1817 deedBot 2/5
ZimmermanJn550anti-AfAm pet (1809)Mix. Prs. sexton 1801. Eps marge by lic to Mary Watt 1795, they bap 3 kids 1796-1800.2Q