New Castle, Delaware
Community History and Archaeology Program 
Pew Assignments Holy Trinity Church 1699

Pew holders in Old Swedes (Holy Trinity) in 1699

These assignments were made just 20 days after the consecration of Holy Trinity.
Presumably, most of these members had previously been members of Crane Hook Church.
Source: Peter Craig, http://www.colonialswedes.org/images/publications/SCNewS99.pdf
* = known members who did not have assigned pews
DE	57%			
MD	 3%	
NJ	40%

Total pew holders:		212

New Castle County:		121

2	John Stalcop and wife Annika		
2	Lulof Stedham and wife Catharina,				
	widow of Anders Stalcop				
2	Asmund Stedham and wife Margaret				
2	Lucas Stedham and wife				
1	Samuel Petersson's widow Brita				
1	Peter Peterson, her son				
2	Matthias Peterson and wife Elisabeth	
1	Christiern Andersson				
1	Anders Grelson Mink				
1	Jöran Orrhan				
1	Hendrick Orrhan Snicker	

North side of Brandywine				
1	Jacob van der Veer's widow Catharina
2	Cornelius van der Veer, wife Margareta
2	William van der Veer and wife Alice
1	John van der Veer's widow

Skilpot Creek
2	Hans Peterson and wife Annika
2	Paul Peterson and wife Margaret

2	Peter Petersson Smith and wife
1	Catherine, widow of Adam Stedham
1	Måns Pålsson's widow Elisabeth
2	Peter Månsson and wife Catharina
2	John Månsson and wife Gertrude
2	Hendrick Tussey and wife
2	John Tussey and wife Anna
1	*Olof Tussey
1	Matthias Tussey
2	Benedict Stedham and wife Anna
2	Thomas Jones and wife Anna, widow of
	Olle Tussey
1	Jacob Clementsson's widow Brigitta
1	John Clementson
1	Lasse Hendricksson

Marcus Hook
2	*Mårten Knutsson and wife Maria
2	*William Talley and wife Eleanor,
	widow of Johan Johansson
1	Peter Johnson Walkow, her son
1	*Olle Rawson's widow Brita
1	*Lars Rawson
2	Hans Justis and wife Maria

Deer Point
2	Broer Sinnicks and wife Sophia, widow
	of Anders Jöransson
1	Jöns Andersson
1	James Sinnicks
2	Jesper Walraven and wife Christina
2	Jonas Walraven and wife Sarah
2	Edward Robinson and wife Anna

West of Brandywine Creek
1	Hendrick Jacobsson, widower
1	Hendrick Hendricksson
2	John Hendricksson and wife Brita
2	Matthias de Foss and wife Sarah
2	Edward Mathew and wife Helena
2	Anders Friend and wife Isabel
2	Charles Springer and wife Maria
2	John Andersson Cock and wife Karin
2	Peter Stalcop and wife Catharina
2	Conrad Constantine and wife Kirstin,
	widow of Pelle Hendrickson
2	*Peter Pålsson and wife Geize
2	Jöran Andersson and wife Maria
2	Eric Andersson and wife Brita
2	Charles Hedges and wife Elisabeth

Bread & Cheese Island
2	Arent Vandenburgh and wife Barbara
2	Olle Thomasson and wife Eleanor
2	*Bengt Pålsson and wife Margareta

Feren Hook
1	Olle Pålsson's widow Christina

Long Hook
1	Hendrick Båtsman
2	*Peter Jaquet and wife Ingeborg

Mill Torp
1	Peter Clawson

Crane Hook
1	Hendrick Andersson's widow Margareta
2	Hendrick Evertson and wife Elisabeth
2	Eric Ericksson and wife Anna
2	Paul Paulson and wife Elisabeth
1	*John Skrika

New Castle
2	Richard Reynolds and wife Anna
2	*Hypolitus Lefever and wife Catharina

Red Lion Creek
1	Matthias Skrika
1	Thomas Skrika
2	Peter Andersson and wife Magdalena
	Appoquinimink Creek
2	Matthias Ericksson and wife Ingeborg	

Cecil County, Maryland:
	Sahakitko [Elkton]	
2	John Hansson Steelman and wife Maria	
2	*Hendrick Petersson Parker and wife	
2	Simon Johansson and wife Anna	

Gloucester County, New Jersey:

Raccoon Creek	
2	*Nils Justison Quist and wife	
1	Knut Justison Quist	
2	Frederick Hoffman and wife	
1	Måns Hoffman	
1	Nicholas Hoffman	
2	Måns Halton and wife	
1	*Jöns Halton. his son
2	Hans Halton and wife Brigitta
1	*Lasse Halton
1	*Carl Halton
2	*Johan Andersson Sträng, wife Brigitta
2	*Olof Petersson and wife
2	Pål Pålsson and wife

Oldman's Creek
2	*Hans Ollesson and wife

Salem County, New Jersey:
Piles Grove
2	Anders Hoffman and wife Maria
2	John Hoffman and wife Berthil
1	*Carl Hoffman
2	Hans Peterson and wife Sarah
1	Gabriel Peterson
2	John Sinnicksson and wife Gertrude
1	*Jonas Keen's widow Catharina

One Tree Hook
2	Johan Hendricksson and wife
1	*Anders Hendrickson, his son
1	Isaac Savoy's widow Brita

2	Jacob van der Veer, wife Catharina
1	*Olle Fransson, widower
2	Olle Franson, Jr., and wife Anna
1	*Lars Peterson
1	*Hendrick Petersson
2	Olle Nilsson and wife Margaret
2	Matthias Nilsson Stark and wife Anna
1	Israel Nilsson Stark's widow Ingrid
	Lucas (Carney's) Point
2	William Slubey and wife Sarah
2	John Mink and wife Elisabeth
2	Paul Mink and wife Gertrude
1	Lucas Peterson

Salsenbury Point
2	Edward Mecum and wife Walborg,
	widow of Jonas Scoggin
1	*Lars Tussey

Finns' Point
2	Staffan Jöransson and wife Christina
1	Lars Hendricksson's widow Maria
2	Lars Hendrickson, Jr., and wife
2	Jöran Litien and wife Christina
2	Jacob Hendricksson and wife Magdalena

Chestnut Neck
1	Anders Sinnicksson's widow Sarah
2	*Peter Bilderback and wife Ingrid	
1	John Hendrickson, Jr.	
1	Eric Jönson Hutt	
1	Eskil Jönson Hutt	
2	Anders Andersson Vinam, wife Anna	
2	Michael Vinam and wife Elisabeth	
2	Lasse Vinam and wife Catharina	
2	Peter Peterson and wife Christina	

Fenwick's Grove	
2	Hendrick Slubey and wife Magdalena	
1	Johan Scoggin's widow Elisabeth