New Castle, Delaware
Community History and Archaeology Program 
Property records c1680
Property information for New Castle 1657 -1736
Property records where the occupation of buyer or seller was recorded
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Transcriptions of the Louise B. Heite thesis property records by Tim Mancl, Cynthia Snyder, Mike Connolly, LuAnn deCunzo, and Jim Meek
A-2NCDeedB-1, p. 3381705-01-19deRing, Nicholas (Dering)tailor of PhiladelphiaCock, Andrewcordwainer
A-3NCDeedA-1, p. 1411679GrantTeschenmaker, Peter[minister]
A-5NCCourtRecII, p. 1131685-10-25Hay, Adam Slover, Isaac teacher and translator
B-2NCDeedA-1, p.851683-11Corderus, HanscooperHarmonson, Jancarpenter
C-3NCDeedN. C. Deed Book E- 1, p. 2551718-07-15Blake, EdwardMeers, Nicholasmariner
C-4NCSurveysSurvey 1705-11-15SurveyDeakyne, Georgesurveyor
D-3NCDeedB-1, p. 1731689-04-16Griffin, JosephHussey, Sr., John; Hogg, George; Swett, Benjaminfarmer (JS), cordwainer (GH) , tanner (BS)
D-7DukeOfYorkp. 1321664-09-17Kipp, Hendrick[brewer]Reyneerson (vanderculin), Reyner
D-10NCDeedE-1, p. 280Cole (Cock?), Edward and Esther, his wifecooperSavage, Jonathancarpenter
D-11NCDeedB-1, p. 4781708-05-08Hyke (Eke), AdamyeomanSavage, Jonathancarpenter
E-1NCDeedB-1, p. 4131676-02-07Crawford, James, James Jr., John and Mary C. OgleMiller, Jamesmariner
E-1NCSurveysp. 1261667GrantCrawford, Jamessoldier, for service
E-6NCDeedA-1, p. 421679-05-14Anderson, JustaHutchinson, Ralph[ordinary keeper, Scharf 1888[
E-11NCCourtRecI, p. 3121678-02-04desJardins, John estate at auctiondeHaes, Johannespossible agent for Ephraim Herman
E-12NCSurveys1682SurveyHerman, Epraimsurveyor
E-15NCDeedA-1, p. 111678Otto, Garrett & Otto, Gurtie JorisonHermonson, Jancarpenter
F-1DukeOfYorkp. 1421669-10-01GrantCouwenhoven[brewer?]
F-3NCCourtRecI, p. 4881681-09-06GrantFeron, Jamesbrickmaker
G-13DukeOfYorkp. 1861679-11-20GrantVandenburgh, Hendrickmerchant
H-1NCDeedA-1, p. 39no dateSpry, Thomasattorney for George and Petronella Carr OldfieldMoll, John
H-1DukeOfYorkpages 185-1861679-11-20Captain CarrestateMoll, John
H-4NCCourtRecI, p. 3381679-06-03Andries, JustaNeering, John Williamsmerchant
H-4NCCourtRecII, p. 1451686-10-19Andries, JustaNeering, John Williamsmerchant
J-2NCSurveysL2 #441678GrantLott, Englebert
J-3NCCourtRecI. p. 4121680-05-04GrantCorderus, Hanscooper
J-4NCCourtRecI, p. 4061680-04-06GrantVannes, Eldert Egbertssmith