Street Names
in historic New Castle, DE



Before 1798* 1805 2005

Southwest to Northeast Streets

Water Front Street  The Strand
Land Market Street 2nd Street
Minque (Mink) Pearl, Orange Streets 3rd Street
Beaver Vine Street 4th Street
Otter Union Street 5th Street
  Independence Street [not exist]
  [not exist] Shaw Street
  Liberty Street [not exist]

Southeast to Northwest Streets

Susquehanna  South Street South Street
  Williams Street Williams Street
  [not exist] Foundry Street
Wood Delaware Street Delaware Street
Hart of Mary Harmony Street Harmony Street
Thwart Chestnut Street Chestnut Street
North Street North Street [not exist]
  Broad Dyke/Wilmington Road  


  Packet Alley Packet Alley
  Church Alley Unnamed (at least on the tax parcel map)
  Reed's Alley Callahan Alley ????????
  Riddle's Lane Plum Alley
  (illegible on the photo of the survey) Silsbee's Alley


        * Until 1797, the courts controlled New Castle affairs. The newly elected commissioners now had the authority to have a survey made and change the names of streets.  Here are the names prior to the survey of 1798. (Toro, 1971).