New Castle, Delaware
Community History and Archaeology Program 

Lectures on New Castle History
Listed here are links to pdfs (2-9MB) of 14 lectures I gave at the Osher Institute for Lifelong Learning (UD) and at the Arsenal in New Castle (for NCHS) during 2015. New Castle has a fascinating history and the lectures covered a variety of topics (people, events, war, famine, food, architecture, industry...) The >500 text slides are rather self-explanatory and are accompanied by >650 supporting images. Missing is my 75 minutes of commentary/lecture and videos e.g. the PBS documentary on Benjame Latrobe: America's First Architect, the scene from Witness where Harrison Ford raises a timber frame building like the Dutch House, the oral history videos of New Castle residents, and the modern folksong which helps explain privateers (as opposed to pirates).
1) to 1664 6) People to 1850 10) Civil War
2) to 1682 7) People to 1950 11) Virtual Tour-- New Castle
3) to 1772 8) VirtualTours -- Dutch and Amstel Houses 12) Industry
4) to 1850 9) 9 Women's Dresses 1780-1920 13) Transportation
5) B Latrobe 9b) Artifacts at 15 The Strand -- By Alice Jarvis 14) Architecture

This collage of 130 thumbnails gives a taste of the images and provides another key into the lectures. Click on the collage to open up a larger image with links to the pdfs.

Jim Meek 2016