New Castle, Delaware
Community History and Archaeology Program 

Rea & Price map 1849
Delaware's roads began in colonial days. In the early federal period county levy courts appropriated funds for bridge and road construction according to a DelDOT report. These roads ares shown on this 1849 map.

Google maps overlay. Most modern major roads (red) are aligned with pre civil war roads. Click on the map to open it.

Closeup of the New Castle area with modern roads (red) and their predecessors: Route 9 north and south of town, Rte 273 (Frenchtown Rd), Route 141 (Basin Rd), Old Airport Rd and School Lane leading to S. H. (school house) #48.
Zoomable high resolution regular version of the map. School districts are shown, as well as schools (highlighted in red).

Map courtesy of Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs.
Digitization by the Qoro company.
Jim Meek, NC-CHAP 2010