Families living at 30 The Strand, 1818-1965


McCullough family

James McCullough (Sr) b d  m

Buried Immanuel Cemetery  to right of main entrance.
Mercantile business, location uncertain-- sold provisions [add link] dto George Read including wine, meat, fruits, vegetables.

James McCullough (Jr) b d m

Merchant, owned store/tavern/hotel now at site of Boulden's Store, and house across street (also hotel?).  All property destroyed in fire of 1824, 30 The Strand was 'newly built' by 1826.  At death, apparently insolvent.  No probated will,
James McCullough Jr. (or Sr) was a lieutenant?) in Read's Company of light artillery in the war of 1812.

William McCullough, b d  
William published ....James' will and presumably disposed of property.  The house at 30 The Strand  was seized by George Platt, Sheriff, in 1846 judgement for Thomas Janvier, and eventually sold in ... to a series of local investors who probably did not live there  William erected a memorial stone to James memory in Immanuel Cemetery next to parent's grave.

Guthrie family

Maria Guthrie b d  buried in Immanuel Cemetery to left of main entrance.  
She purchased 30 The Strand in 1858
The 1850 census shows her residing in Wilmington with husband ..., Samuel, xx and xx.  William was a merchant, buried ?? not in New Castle
 Will [add link] left all property to son Samuel and ...

Samuel Guthrie b d  m?   
Lawyer, private practice New Castle?
Relatively wealthy.  Tax list of xxx at HSD shows annual income of .... In comparison, laborers in xxx earned yy, physician ... and mill owners ...
Will [add link] left bequest to ... for long term care, rest to nephew ... Cleaver

Samuel Cleaver

Jefferson family

John Percival Jefferson b 11 Mar 1852, died Santa Barbara CA Sept 2, 1934

Bought 30 The Strand from Samuel Cleaver., apparently for cousin Julia
Sold the property to Ann Jefferson Dungan for $xxxx and love and affection.

Lived with uncle Elihu Jefferson at 5 The Strand at census of 1870.  Attended West Point,  Met and married in 1877 the wealthy Alice Wetmore b1854 died Sept 9, 1914.in Warren Co. PA.  Built Shingle style mansion in Warren,  Pennsylvania in 1890. Lived there until 1920, then moved to Santa Barbara, CA and bought wonderful estate on the ocean which became a golf course, then a music academy:  "In 1904 the Santa Barbara Country Club was incorporated by a group headed by Judge R. B. Canfield. An 18-hole links was laid out between the highway and Channel Drive, from Santa Barbara Cemetery (founded in 1867 easterly to the present Biltmore Hotel where a clubhouse was erected. This redwood building burned down and was replaced by an elegant structure at 1070 Fairway Road. When the golf course was moved inland in 1907 to an area north of the bird Refuge, the former clubhouse was converted into a residence by Mr. and Mrs. John Percival Jefferson's son, who called it Miraflores. A later owner deeded the mansion to the Music Academy of the West."   About the Music Academy

 Julia Jefferson Dungan b Oct 8, 1841, d June 30, 1918
Buried Presbyterian Cemetery toward back fence with John and Ann
Daughter of Elihu Jefferson, cousin of John Percival Jefferson.  During the civil war, Julia achieved considerable fame/notoriety for her work as an "Angel of Mercy" bringing food, blankets and mail to prisoners in the Federal Fort Delaware on nearby Pea Patch Island.  Her portrait was willed to XXX Hand  in XXXX,PA by daughter Ann.  Hand's property was dispersed at his death, no evidence for location of portrait.

John Stedman Dungan b July 20, 1842, d  Nov. 24, 1928  Worked as a  ... according to the Wilmington city directory of xxxx, no entry for .xxxxx

Ann Jefferson Dungan  b Feb. 6, 1881, d  Mar. 26, 1965
  A distant relation of U.S. President Jefferson (third cousin, 3 times removed).  Bought 30 The Strand in 19xx for 1 dollar and the love and affection which she shows to John P. Jefferson.