New Castle, Delaware
Community History and Archaeology Program 


Immanuel Episcopal Church On The Green Cemetery is located at the corner of Harmony and Market Streets in New Castle, Delaware, and surrounds the Church. It is under the jurisdiction of the Church's Rector, Wardens and Vestry, and this survey was undertaken at their request. There are many 18th Century stones, the earliest being that of Hercules Coutts who died in 1707. The Cemetery is outstandingly maintained. Because of space limitations, the Glebe Cemetery, located a short distance north of New Castle and east of Route 9, is used for most present day interrmonts.

This survey was completed during the summer of 1986. An attempt has been made to record all information as it appears on individual stones, including epitaphs and stone cutters. For help in locating a particular stone, each has been assigned a plot number keyed to an unofficial plot plan included at the end of the survev. We have frequently referred to Tatnall' s Tombstone Records, New Castle County, a survey done some fifty or sixty years ago, and to Thomas Holcomb's Sketch of Early Ecclesiastical Affairs in New Castle, Delaware and History of Immanuel Church, published in 1890. Erosion has taken its toll and, in doubtful instances, we have used Tatnall, and/or Holcomb's readings, assuming that the imprint was clearer in their time. Where appropriate we have corrected Tatnall's and Holcomb's errors, as, we hope, someone will eventually correct ours.

We are indebted to the Rev. Myles W. Edwards, Rector, Wardens and Vestry of Immanuel Episcopal Church On The Green for their encourage- ment and cooperation. We are particularly indebted to Cynthia Ann Byham, Junior Warden, and to Joan W. Zerbe, Church Archivist. Without their advice and knowledge this survey would have been a much more difficult, if not impossible, task.
Lucy Hazen Barnes
Martha Whitcraft
Delaware Genealogical Society
31 October 1986