New Castle, Delaware
Community History and Archaeology Program 

Partial Membership list of the New Castle Methodist Church for 1820

Of the forty-two persons listed in the complete membership list (not currently available), there were seventeen males and twenty-five females. Seventeen were listed as married but there were only seven couples; three were listed as widows and two had no marital status listed.

Partial membership list (1820)
Challenger, Thomas, Leader
(sp.?), Hannah, Abot
(sp.?), Noah, Morrischun
Anderson, Susan
David, Mary
Enline, Mary
Hickman, Rebecca
Jeffries, Thomas
Lindale, Margaret
Marshall, John
McCalmont, Thomas
Moore, William
Morris, David
Morris, Elinor
Morris, Isaac
Parvin, Marie
Price, Sarah
Sanders, Ann
Tatlow, Thomas
Wilkerson, Ann
Wilson, Hannah
Wilson, James

Courtesy Helen Hoagland, Church Historian