New Castle, Delaware
Community History and Archaeology Program 

New Castle Presbyterian Cemetery records
Compiled by Richard D. Wright(1996)
Courtesy Vic Clark and New Castle Presbyterian Church.
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Age* = Death - Birth, accounting for month and day when available. Ages < 1 year not included
MG= Memorial Garden, CY = Court Yard or as in Cemetery map
Abel, GerogeR-22
Ahern, Carrie F1877196083X-20
Ahren, Harry P1880193252X-20
Allen, Florence M1897195760W-11
Allen, Jane1801-02-061875-07-1274R-12
Andrews, John Sedgwick1873-05-251962-08-2189Q-15
Andrews, Margaret Cooper1873-08-171967-08-1994Q-15
Appleby, Fran Massey1930-06-021973-06-1943S-19
Appleby, Richard M JrS-19
Appleby, Robert SS-19
Armstrong, Annie E1863195289Y-12
Armstrong, William W1858193981Y-12
Ault, JohnY-16In the 69 year of his age
Bankert, Jean B1921-05-301999-11.1378MGWife of Ralph A Bankert
Bankert, Ralph Allen1918-01-192002-07-1184MGHusband of Jean B Bankert
Banks, Ella J1867193265U-19
Banks, Hannah M1854-01-271905-12-1051U-17
Banks, John W1852193280U-17
Banks, Laura J1878197193U-17
Banks, Thomas T1857190649U-19Father
Barnes, Eliza F1833189764V-12
Barnes, Robert A1866194579V-12
Barnes, Robert W1823189976V-12
Barr, Caroline Turner1809-05-311881-04-0671S-17
Barr, James M1786-09141814-12-0528Y-15
Barr, John Capt1800-06-041840-07-2140V-14
Barr, Kensey1805-11-071837-08-1431S-17
Barr, Lizze T1834-10-161836-07-211S-17Daughter of Kensey & Caroline Barr
Barr, Mary17981817-04-2319V-15Wiffe of Sam'l Barr in the 19th year of her age
Barr, MaryV-15Mother
Barr, Mary A1797-01-311818-03-1421V-14
Barr, Samuel H1750-02-001818-05-3168?-??
Barr, Samuel S1790-06-231811-03-2820V-14
Barr, William Stanhope1850-04-10V-15
Bates, Elizabeth1790-04-271863-11-0973V-19
Beckett, Frank1914-03-04Q-22
Beckett, John J Sgt1903-05-031956-01-2852Y-17Btry H 198 CA Del NG WW11
Beckett, William H1933-12-05Q--22
Bedford, WilliamU-15?
Betson, Mary17761859-10-0083S-15Aged 83
Biggs, Anna C1866-09-111935-04-2368P-16
Biggs, Charlotte C1896192327P-16
Biggs, Ella1890193343T-19
Biggs, Fannie H1858-08-191913-02-0354T-18Wife of James E Biggs
Biggs, James E1852194189T-18
Biggs, Jesse G1862-12-301910-02-2147P-16
Biggs, Margarret A1854-07-171919-02-1564T-19
Biggs, Victor1897-11-181947-11-1049P-16
Birdell, Mary1785-03-151867-10-2282W-15
Blackburn, William1717177053CYAged 53 yrs
Blaney, Cornelia Darragh1873-12-001879-08-005S-15Aged 5 years and 9 months
Blaney, Cornelius G17901847-11-0657S-15Aged 57 years
Blaney, Daniel17601816-10-0056S-15Aged 56 years
Blaney, Daniel1819-03-011819-03-110S-15Age 11 days
Blaney, Eliza1828-02-011828-03-150X-15Aged 6 weeks
Blaney, Esther17631818-02-0055S-15Aged 55, wife of Daniel Blaney
Blaney, Francis18391856-30-0017S-15Aged 17, their daughter
Blaney, Joseph S1824-08-00S-15
Blaney, Sarah17921865-08-1573S-15Wife of Cornelius D Blaney, aged 73 years
Bodine, GeorgeR-22
Booth, Sue1865195590Y-12
Boulden, Mary1868-03-081868-08-020P-10
Brown, Anna1931-08-10Q-20
Brown, Ella1970-05-17Q-20
Brown, Esther M1886196781Q-20
Brown, Geroge1940-10-16Q-20
Brown, Margaret J1949-03-26Q-20Wife of George Brown
Brown, Mary1910-06-10Q-20
Brown, Matilda1897-07-03Q-20
Brown, Richard1883194158Q-20
Brown, William1930-08-15Q-20
Bruce, Joseph1861193574Y-10
Brumfield, Mary Ann18051881-06-1876P-10Wife of William Bromfield Aged 75 years
Brumfield, William18091893-10-0284P-10In the 84th yaar of his age
Bryson, David18231900-01-2777Z-15Age 77 yesrs
Bryson, David PZ-15Infant son of George & Annie Bryson
Bryson, Fannie FZ-15
Bryson, Martha Burns18271885-05-0158Z-15Age 58 years. Wife of David Bryson
Bryson, Samuel SZ-15Infant son of Geroge & Annie S Bryson
Callaway, John L1820-01-02186342R-12
Campbell, Mary1829V-19
Campbell, Sarah1835V-19Wife of John N Campbell
Campbell, Sarah1798-06-171876-08-0378U-19
Carpenter, Eliza1792-01-011867-08-2575R-16Wife of Samuel Carpenter
Carpenter, John SS-16Aged 62 years
Carpenter, Mary1787-05-221837-07-2850R-16Wife of Samuel Carpenter
Carpenter, Mary S1841-10-121842-08-290S-16Aged 10 months and 17 days
Carpenter, Peter AS-16Son of John & Susan Carpenter
Carpenter, Samuel1835R-16Husband of Mary Carpenter
Carpenter, Samuel1782-01-061865-04-1183R-16Husband of Eliza Carpenter
Carpenter, Susan18191889-02-1770S-16In the 69th year of age. Wife of John S Carpenter
Carrick, Mary Carter1860194181W-18Wife of Orion A Garrick
Carrick, Orion A1856193680W-18
Carter, John F1831-09-211883-03-1451Y-13Born Germany
Carter, Mary1833-07-101906-04-0572Y-13
Cavender, Alice1893-10-191898-04-294O-17
Cavender, Elmer1888-09-231907-03-0618O-17Son of Thomas & Hope Carpenter
Cavender, Frank1882-07-261908-12-1826O-17
Cavender, Hope A18551904-08-2249O-17In her 49th year
Cavender, Julia R1884-11-181932-01-1247O-17
Cavender, Ralph1898-10-101905-05-116O-17
Cavender, Theo. W 3rd1915-08-281916-07-210O-17
Cavender, Thomas18531915-03-2662O-17In the 62 year
Cavender, Wilson W1890-07-121898-04-167O-17
Chase, Eugene L1838-11-151914-10-0575S-18
Chase, Florence J1879196081S-18
Chase, Josephine F1842193795S-18
Clewell, C H1861193170W-14
Clewell, Jennie B Gulick1865191146W-14Wife of C W Clewell
Cline, George W1847-05-301906-11-1659Y-21
Cline, Mary A1847193689Y-21
Cochran, Alwida C1877-04-261912-03-0134O-12Mother
Cochran, Helen R1911-05-132006-05-0494R-20Norman Cochran - Step Son
Cochran, William A1909197970R-19
Colesberry, Mary1824-04-251848-05-2624R-20Daughter of John & ?? Colesberry
Comegys, Howard O Dr18641908-03-0844V-14In his 44th year
Comegys, John T1838-09-111905-05-1866V-14
Conkin, AnnU-19
Cooch, Francis L1778-09-281850-08-0571S-12
Cook, Laura J Turner1912-05-23T-17Daughter of T & R Turner widow of Capt L P Cook
Cooper, Anne Black181-04-031955-08-041773P-14Daughter of Richard & Armitage Cooper
Cooper, Dorcas Armitage Black1841-09-121903-07-0561P-14Wife of Richard Godwin Cooper
Cooper, Florida L1882-10-131984-11-24102P-16
Cooper, John J B1879-11-051971-09-0491P-16Husband of Juliette Enos
Cooper, Julliette Enos1879-09-191934-03-0854P-16Wife of John J B Cooper
Cooper, Mary Godwin1868-09-151955-01-1286P-14Daughter of Richard & Armitage Cooper
Cooper, Richard Godwin1834-01-021904-02-1070P-14
Couper, James M D1778-01-181859-09-0181S-10
Couper, James M D18021865-08-1263S-10In the 63rd year of his age
Couper, John ES-10
Couper, Mary Black18101874-10-1764S-10Daughter of James Black & wife of James Cooper
Couper, Samuel McIntire1804-10-171886-07-1181S-10
Couper, William1806-09-091874-11-2568S-10
Crawford, David Ross1811-07-26?-??Drown off Davis Point to save ?? Quincy
Curlet, Elizabeth1779184364Y-17Wife of Lewis Curlet
Curlet, James1803183734Y-17
Curlet, Lewis1773183966Y-17
Dalby, Edward1808-12-141868-01-3059S-12
Dalby, Elizabeth1813-06-051886-02-2072S-12
Dalby, Elizabeth C1844-03-101913-02-2668S-12
Dalby, John W1848-10-271850-07-241S-12
Danforth, Jane Janvier1787-05-001870-07-2083T-14Wife of Rev Joshua Danforth
Danforth, John Wheldin1835-02-081886-03-0751T-14Sorn of Rev J W & Jane Danforth
Danforth, Joshua N Rev1798-04-011861-11-1463T-14Born in Pittsfield, Mass, Licensed Princeton, NJ
Danforth, Samuel Adams1837-07-101867-01-0229S-14Son of Rev J W & Jane Danforth
Darby, Henry1795CY
Darragh, ? Margaret17391811-11-1972Q-10Aged 72 years
Darragh, Ann1791Q-10
Darragh, Margaret S1796-00-281819-07-2823Q-10
Darragh, Susan1798-01-141880-01-2482Q-10
Davis, Clayton H1859193273W-13
Davis, Lilly May1866189125W-13
Davis, Rebecca B1860194787W-13
Dobb, Harry F1841192180X-15Son of Wm & Rachel Bobb
Dobb, Rachel A1825-12-251902-02-0376X-15
Dobson, Erle Frerderick1965-07-182006-04-0840MG
Doirris, Ella J1909194940N-14Wife & Mother
Doughten, Elizabeth1837-11-131861-06-0223T-17Wife of John Doughten Daughter of T & R Turner
Downey, Benjamin T1847192982N-13
Downey, Hattie E1878195577N-13Wife of Marshall C Downey
Downey, Hooper G1875-08-111918-11-1843Z-20
Downey, Josephine J1848193991N-13Wife of Benjamin T Downey
Downey, Manluff A1867-03-071884-11-1517Z-20
Downey, Marshall C1872191139N-13
Downey, Narcissa J1837-03-271924-04-2687Z-20Nee Davis
Downey, William1834-03-311900-12-1066Z-20
Downham, Mary E1892191826R-13
Downham, Matilda J1854-06-091908-03-2353R-13Wife of James Downham
Downie, Annie H1818189375Z-15
Downie, Carrie1868194981Z-15
Downie, James E1816182812Z-15
Downing, ? Nelson?-??
Downing, JanetteT-19
Downing, Jared N17871875-06-1988T-19In the 88th year of his age
Duling, Ira D1879-11-211961-04-2281R-20
Duling, J Ralph1903-08-101973-12-1970R-20Masonic Emblem
Duling, Jennie E1878-09-011965-11-0387R-20
Duling, Ruth Z1905-11-031977-07-2271R-20
Duncan, Alexander17541829-10-2775U-13In the 75th year of his age
Duncan, G P1831-08-101832-08-311U-13Aged 1 year 21 days
Duncan, Hanah1733-05-001803-01-0669U-13Aged 69 years & 7 mos
Duncan, J E1831-01-111831-11-110U-13Aged 10 months
Duncan, James1828-01-061863-04-2735U-1335 years 3 mos 21 days
Duncan, JaneU-13Wife of Alexander Duncan
Duncan, John17831834-08-0151U-13Aged 51 years
Duncan, Louis H1854-11-281921-05-2766V-15Husband
Duncan, Margaret17901857-10-1467U-13Wife of James Duncan age 67
Duncan, William1822-08-001827-01-224U-13Son of James & Margaret Duncan age 4 years 5 mos
Dungan, Ann Jefferson1881-02-061965-03-2684R-14
Dungan, James Stedman1843-07-201928-11-2485R-14
Dungan, Julia Jefferson1841-10-081918-06-3076R-14Wife of James S Duncan
Dusenbery, ? A1821-05-231886-07-1965T-12
Dusenbery, Sarah E1912-01-20T-12?
Dyer,?-??Co E 5th Del Inf Civil War
Dyer, Annie L Kern1860-07-241888-04-0127X-13Wife of John Dyer
Dyer, Harry W18651890-05-1025O-10Aged 25 years
Earle, Ann Johns1818-12-291842-10-0823U-16Daug of Kensey/Maria Johns wife of Jas T Earle
Edwards, ? LewisS-13
Edwards, Agness CraftS-12
Edwards, George1838-12-001902-06-0063S-12
Edwards, Grantham NivinS-12
Edwards, Helen GranthamS-12
Edwards, James MortonS-12
Edwards, Lousia Nivin1844186521S-12
Eliason, Emilie P Dean1893198188O-13Wife of James T Eliason, Jr
Eliason, James T1844191672O-13
Eliason, James T III1926199973O-13
Eliason, James T Jr1895198186O-13
Eliason, Sarah R Hubbard1867196295O-13Wife of James T Eliason
Elliott, Annie Bryson1924-01-07?-??Wife of Samuel J Elliott
Faulkner, Elsie W1879195475X-11
Fenemore, Amanda J Sutton1830-06-191876-08-1246P-11Wife of W Fenemore
Fenemore, Amanda Reeves1876-06-281876-07-230P-11Daughter of Geo & Amanda J Fenemore
Fenemore, Harvey1873-02-041873-03-260P-11Son of Geo & Amanada Fenemore
Ferguson, RobertS-22
Flat StonesCYNot able to read
Flat StonesCYNot able to read
Fleming, Lena W1867-04-051947-05-0580W-14Wife of Moses B Fleming
Fleming, Moses B1863-02-281918-05-2255W-14
Frazer, Frank P1889197081W-19
Frazer, George1864190743S-18
Frazer, Harriet L Webb1816-07-001874-05-1857R-19Wife of Thomas Frazer
Frazer, Helen M1887194154W-19
Frazer, Margaret R1858191254V-18
Frazer, Thomas Jr1847194497V-18
Frazer, Thomas Sr1809-02-271890-02-2781R-19
Fulenwider, Henry Lee1862-11-071936-05-1673N-15
Gallagher, Margaret1886-01-041953-01-1867P-14Sister of Ellen Gray
Galloway, JamesS-18Son of Jas & Elizabeth Galloway
Galloway, James Ross17921856-08-2864S-18
Gardiner, Richard J1934-10-10N-14Pvt 28 US Vol Inf, WW1
Goffmann, Elizabeth Ann Dabney1853-03-091897-03-1744R-13
Goffmann, John Wesley1850-07-221898-05-2847R-13
Gordon, Alice F1883197390V-18
Gordon, Robert C1894197581V-18
Gratham, Maria Louisa1876-07-17V-11Wife of David Grantham
Gravell, Annie1836-12-031915-01-3178P-18
Gravell, Job1836192185P-18
Gray, Andrew1848-06-181925-06-2377Q-15Born New Castle Died at Philadelphia
Gray, Andrew Caldwell1804-05-251885-01-1080Q-12Son of George & Harriet L B Gray
Gray, Andrew Caldwell1871-10-131929-12-1558P-14
Gray, Charles H Black1876-12-151934-06-0457Q-15Son of George & Harriet L B Gray
Gray, Elizabeth, Maria1806-01-061891-01-2885Q-12Wife of Andrew Caldwell gray
Gray, Ellen1880-04-061938-06-1058Q-14Wife of Charles H B Gray
Gray, Emily S1844-08-191852-12-268Q-12Daughter of andrew G & Elizabeth M Gray
Gray, George1840-05-041925-08-0785P-14Born New Castle Died Wilmington
Gray, George Jr1877-12-281951-12-0573Q-14Son of George & Harriet L B Gray
Gray, Margaret J B1838-02-031922-12-0384P-14Wife of George Gray
Greer, Mary P Turner1911-11-14R-18Wife of WD Greer
Greer, W D1922-06-05R-18Husband of Mary P Greer
Griffin, Sally1878-07-121890-09-2712R-14
Grimes, Abigal18521891-11-1239O-18Wife of Issac S Grimes in the 39th year of her age
Grimes, George W1832-01-011908-03-2476Y-19
Grimes, Katherine G1839-03-041913-08-1274Y-19
Grimes, Mary E1866-05-181942-05-3076Y-19
Hamilton, Julia NZ-14
Hamilton, Martha AZ-14Wife of James Hamilton
Hamilton, Sarah MZ-14
Hanf, EdwinX-19
Hanf, Mary GX-19
Hanf, Theodore WX-19
Hanson, Alpheus T1850-05-27S-11
Hanson, Anna Freda Jones1902-06-271989-01-2486MGWife of Ivan Hanson
Hanson, Ellie1853-04-081879-04-2826S-11Age 26 years 20 days
Hanson, Ivan Phillip1902-03-311992-03-2789MGHusband of Freda Hanson
Hatter, Jean Sheppard1928-02-281987-09-2359MG
Hawkins, Emily1869-09-031882-01-1812Q-12Daug of Capt HS/Annie Gray Hawkins Ft Gibson
Head StoneCYNot able to read
Head StoneCYNot able to read
Head StoneCYNot able to read
Head StoneCYNot able to read
Head StoneCYNot able to read
Hendrix, Hannah F1854-01-261921-03-3067O-14
Hendrix, John R1857-11-041931-02-2273O-14
Herdman, John1852192876O-20
Herdman, Rachel1850191666O-20
Herdman, Walter1887192841O-20
Hess, Virginia C1885-01-011971-10-1586O-14
Hill, Raleigh B1899195758W-18
Hinsley, Curtis Matthew1917-10-092006-04-1488MG
Hoffman, Fred K W CorplR-17Co H Del Inf Sp Am War
Holliday, Ella Cline1874-09-181905-05-2930Y-21
Holschumaker, LouiseX-14
Holschumaker, WilliamX-14
Hoops, Adam Jr17771802-08-1025U-19Aged 25 years
Humphreys, Annie1804-03-061895-08-1591?-??Our Mother
Hunter, Georgeanna Kenton1849193384W-19Wife of William J Hunter
Hunter, Harry Colyer1875-10-081917-04-2141W-19
Hunter, Margaret A Carrick1880196383W-19Wife of Harry Coyler Hunter
Hunter, William J1852193381W-19
Hushebeck, Lewis R1844193288T-13
Hushebeck, Sarah P1844192581T-13
Jaberg, Katherine Dantzler1928200678CYWife of Rev Jaberg
Jaberg, Rev Russell Lowell1914199278CYPastor 1947-1951
Jacer, Anna Maria1798-02-201871-05-1473Y-13Our Mother
Janvier, Abbie S1816-06-001878-11-2762?-??Wife of Reuban J Janvier Aged 62 yrs 5 mos
Janvier, Agness M1837-05-311837-09-170U-14Child of George/Catherine Janvier Aged 4mo 17 days
Janvier, Anne Mathiott1896-06-21S-14Wife of Julian D Janvier
Janvier, Catherine P1805-03-221863-07-1458U-14Wife of George Janvier Aged 58 yrs 4 mos 16 days
Janvier, Eliza C Darragh1802-04-211883-07-2681S-14Wife of John Janvier
Janvier, Emma H1831-01-151832-06-181U-14Child of George/Catherine Janvier aged 1yr3mo3days
Janvier, Francis1655175196CYAged 96
Janvier, George1804-03-011873-12-2169U-14
Janvier, George?-??Aged 1 year 5 mos 3 days
Janvier, Jane17351790-11-1255CYWife of Thomas Janvier
Janvier, John1808-07-131890-05-2981S-14
Janvier, Julia H1843-07-311844-11-111U-14Child of Geo/Catherine Janvier aged 1yr3mos11days
Janvier, Julian Darragh1833-09-021899-11-0966S-14Our Father
Janvier, Lillian Gooding1865187914?-??
Janvier, Margaret Reeves1853192673U-11
Janvier, Margaret W1843-02-201924-08-2681S-14Daughter of John & Eliza Janvier
Janvier, Margaretta D1841-09-161843-05-131U-14Chiild of Geo/Catherine Janvier Aged 1 yr 8 mo 27 da
Janvier, Martha Elizabeth1837-08-251919-04-2881U-10
Janvier, Mary1807-01-001807-03-000CYAged 2 mos 2 days daughter of John & Margaret
Janvier, Mary1840-05-171907-10-0367U-12
Janvier, Matilda1830-01-241915-06-0785U-12
Janvier, Mercy1777-11-211862-03-1784U-10Wife of Thomas Janvier
Janvier, Rettie A1884-04-10U-10Wife of R P Janvier
Janvier, Ruben P1833-03-131899-08-0266U-11
Janvier, Sarah1709177667CYAged 67
Janvier, Sarah Goloen?1826-06-251898-12-2572U-10
Janvier, Thomas1706179690CY
Janvier, Thomas1843-10-131852-06-168?-??Aged 7 yrs 8 mos 3 days
Janvier, Thomas D1839-08-281843-05-113U-14Child of Geo/Catherine Janvier Aged 3yrs 8mos 13da
Janvier. Thomas17361796-06-0160CYAged 60 yrs husband of Jane Janvier
Jaquett, Ann18241876-03-1252T-12Wife of Samuel Jaquett Aged 52 yrs
Jefferson, Ann James1812189280S-17
Jefferson, Charles Randolph1836-04-001869-04-2733S-17Son of Elihu & Ann Jefferson
Jefferson, Elihu1802-06-041871-11-2669S-17
Jefferson, Grace James1790-09-281856-05-1965S-17
Jefferson, William Henry1846-01-031876-11-2930S-17Son of Elihu * Ann Jefferson
Johns, Kensey, Jr1791-12-101857-03-2865U-16Chancellor of the State of Delaware
Johns, Kensey,III1825-10-231838-02-1312U-16Son of Kensey & Maria Johns
Johns, Maria1793-11-301867-01-0473U-16
Johnson, Eliza1808-02-121873-08-0765N-11Aged 65 yrs 5 mos 26 days
Johnson, Louisa DN-11
Johnson, Sarah17771847-01-2170N-11Aged 70 yrs
Johnson, William17721844-05-0272N-11Aged 72 yrs
Jolly, Martha L1856-12-241922-06-0565W-15
Jolly, William 1851-10-301912-02-2060W-15
Keegan, A Marshall1881192645Q-17
Keegan, Martha C1879195576Q-17
Kern, Christiana1828-09-181904-01-2575X-13Wife of George Kern
Kern, Geroge1828-01-021898-05-2370X-13Born in germany
Kern, Geroge A1896-05-081897-01-020X-12
Kern, John1868-08-141897-06-1828X-12
Kern, John G1858-09-001866-06-087X-13Son of Geo & Christine Kern
Kern, Lidia A1873-05-131920-02-0346X-12
Kerney, Iden Morroe1898-11-261984-12-0186MGHusband of Priscilla Kerney
Kerney, Priscilla Prior1907-06-172000-06-1993MGWife of Iden Kerney
Kernkey, Ellen1901-01-061988-01-0486MG
Kerr, Annie Couper1812-10-011877-06-1464R-13Wife of George Kerr
Kerr, G Couper1879193051P-14
Kerr, James Couper D D1853189643Q-12
Kerr, Vitaline B1843192481P-14
King, Annie189218942W-13
King, Eliza Barnes1854191056W-13Mother
King, John1853190552W-13Father
King, Robert Barnes1886191630W-13
Kinkead, Anna S1867-03-281941-02-1473U-12
Kinkead, Clara J1836-06-071921-10-0485U-12
Kinkead, John Spotswood1860-04-221916-01-1355U-12
Kinkead, Mary A1826-12-081903-04-0876U-12
Kirby, Albert R1856193882Q-20
Kirby, Mary M1858193981Q-20Wife of Albert Kirby
Kirkpatrick, JohnCYAged 19
Knauss, Albert O1876193761O-18
Knauss, Cathrine M1847192679O-18Mother
Knauss, Emma C1872190836O-18
Knauss, Eugene M188418873O-18
Knauss, John C1840-03-151916-09-1476O-18Father
Knauss, Mollie C1871195180O-18
Knauss, William G1883194562O-18
Kuebler, William Philip1888-11-181951-03-2962U-15
Lane, Mary B18191911-02-2692T-15Aged 92 yrs
Lane, Samuel L18631909-12-2546T-15Aged 46 yrs
Lane, Willian F18181889-03-0371T-15Aged 71 yrs
Latta, Rev John Ewing1771182453MHPastor 24 yrs
Leverson, Carrie1878-10-091925-03-2846Z-20
Lewis, Vernin1794-11-211824-08-1629T-20
Lock, Anna M1850194090V-18
Lock, Otho1845-03-241912-12-0267Y-18BOD? 2nd Regt Inf Vol
Logan, Catherine18301853-03-1423?-??Daughter of James/Eliza Logan Aged 23
Longacrre, George WT-22
Lorenz, Albert G1865194277R-15
Lorenz, Albert Walter1890-04-291934-10-0144R-15
Lorenz, Frederick R1894-01-091975-04-2081R-15Sgt US Army WW1
Lorenz, Fredericka Emily1867-08-121918-08-2251R-15Wife of Albert Lorenze & Mother
Lorenze, Mildred E1894-09-281984-12-1290R-15Cremated - In front of family monument in 2004
Luoma, Sophie Bergman1900-12-231996-11-2095MG
Lye, Elizabeth G1832-08-241901-11-3069Y-13
Lye, Geroge1833186128Y-13
M.....en, Esther1768179426CYAged 26 yrs wife of Thomas
Maguire, Mary E1850-03-171929-01-0978V-12
Maguire, Myrtle1887197992V-12
Maguire, Uriah S1838-01-181923-12-1785V-12
Mansfield, Jane1867-05-11Q-11Wife of ?? Mansfield
Marley, Jane Williams1864-12-281934-04-2269V-10Daug of Richard McWilliams/RebeccaJanvier Marley
Martin, Robert SW-15Co I 1st Del Inf Cival War
Massey, Eliza L18441845-04-061T-10Daughter of Samuel E & Sarah A Massey
Massey, Samuel E1817-06-221883-09-1366T-10
Massey, Sarah A1816-10-111888-11-1872T-10Wife of Samuel E Massey
Masterson, Mary1887?-??
Matthews, Charles B1919-07-012002-07-0183MG
McAlpin, Catherine1916-11-11P-17
McCallmont, Arthur1810-01-22U-16
McCallmont, Francis1810-07-291810-07-90U-16
McCallmont, GeorgeU-16
McCallmont, James1824-10-11U-16
McCallmont, James Jr1801-03-261837-09-1936U-16
McCallmont, Martha1818-08-22U-16Wife of James McCallmont
McCallmont, Mary17671803-12-0636U-16Wife of ?? Aged 36 yrs
McCallmont, Sarah1791-03-171846-03-1855U-16
McCallmont, Susan1820U-16
McGrath, Elizabeth A1927-10-30?-??
McGuire, BrotherT-18
McGuire, FatherT-18
McGuire, MotherT-18
McInnes, Annie1926-05-21P-17
McIntire, Elizab Grantham Stahl1879193253N-10
McKennan, John Thompson1786-06-001789-04-022CYAged 2 yrs 10 mos
Meggison, Isabella M1882197997U-17
Meggison, John Jr1857-01-251898-12-2041T-17
Meggison, Maria Thrressa1857-07-221908-03-2950T-17
Meggison, R Marvin1884-08-211939-12-0755U-17
Meggison, Robert H1876194266U-17
Meredith,Beatrice Goffmann1923-07-28?-??
Miller, Annie LZ-15Infant daughter of James B & Jane B Miller
Miller, WilliamS-22
Moody, Charles1798-07-251827-03-2628U-18
Moody, John17641854-03-2690U-18In the 90th year of his age
Moody, Lucinda G17661841-03-2475U-18wife of John Moody aged 75 years
Moody, Sophia H1804-12-231869-07-1464U-18
Morgan, James A1831-02-011893-12-3062V-13My husband
Morgan, James B1862-08-171891-04-0128V-13Son of J A & Sarah A Morgan, My son
Morgan, Mary1729178556CYAged 56
Morgan, Sarah A1829-04-261891-12-2962V-13Mother
Morrison, Eliza1800-10-251872-02-2371R-18Wife of John Morrison, Our Mother
Morrison, Isabella M1832191886T-15
Morrison, John1804-10-261884-05-0179R-18Our Father
Morrison, Robert R1829191990T-15
Motherall, Eliza18151866-04-1851R-12In the 51st year of her age
Motherall, William18351859-06-2924R-12In the 24th year of his age
Motherall, William1818187254R-12Aged 54 years
Mountain, FloraS-11Age 93 years, A faithful fried and servent
Newlove, Maggie18451890-02-1845R-19IAged 45, wife of Capt John B Manlove
Nichol, James E1938-11-252000-05-1661MGHusband of Nannette Nichol
Nichol, Samuel R1907-09-151996-09-0588MGFather of James Nichol
Nisbit, Elizabeth, Spotsweed1836192084S-13
Nivin, Amanda D1804-10-001904-03-0099R-11
Nivin, David Grantham1804-12-011882-07-3077V-11
Nivin, James M1889-06-00V-11
Nivin, Julia1846192781V-11Daughter of D Grantham Nivin & Maria L Nivin
Nivin, Maria LouisaV-11Wife of David Grantham Nivin
Oberholzer, John KN-11
Ohison, Sarah C1879-11-101882-11-052Q-22
Pattison, Catherine18401848-04-208V-16Aged 8, Sister
Pattison, Mary18031881-10-1978V-16Aged 78, Wife of Nathaniel Pattison
Pattison, Nathaniel18101847-07-0937V-16Aged 37
Perrem, Amelia C1825191893?-??
Perrem, Frederick A1863195592X-10
Perrem, Mary Bryson1865195590X-10
Perrem, William Rendell1892-06-141964-11-2472X-10Sgt Co L 59 Pioneer Inf WW1
Platt, Catharine Carpenter1819-03-141899-04-2580R-17Wife of Clayton Platt
Platt, Clayton1817-03-171879-10-2162R-17Father
Point, Benjamin M1806-01-091855-02-0149Y-15
Point, Hannah F1808-10-151868-03-2259Y-15Wife of Benjamin M Point
Potts, Mary Elizabeth1825-11-151906-06-0980P-11Daughter of Nathaniel & Sophia Potts
Potts, Nathaniel17801857-09-2877P-11Aged 77
Potts, Sophia BP-11Wife of Nathaniel Pots
Potts, Susan Letitia1830-07-041910-01-2279P-11Youngest daughter of Nathaniel & Sophia Potts
Proudfit, Alexander C1872194270Q-15
Proudfit, Alexander D D1839-04-001897-04-0058Q-12
Proudfit, Annie Couper Smith1838191577Q-12Wife of Alexander Proudfit
Proudfit, John William1867-08-071903-11-0236R-10
Randolph, CharlesT-17
Rementer, JohnQ-17Co E 29th PA Inf, Civil War
Remeter, MaryQ-17Mother
Ricard, ChristineP-17
Ries, Celia M1871-03-211900-08-2929X-14Wife of John Ries
Ries, Louisa M1900-06-301903-03-042X-14Daughteer of John & Celia M Ries
Roberts, Dorothy W1901-11-191993-12-2892X-12
Roberts, Ida K Wilhelme1873193764X-12
Roberts, Samuel Couper1873195279X-12
Robeson, Mary1831-04-04?-??Wife of John J Robeson Daug of Tho & Mercy Janvier
Robeson, Thomas18301850-04-0120?-??Aged 20, Son of JJ and Mary C Robeson
Rossell Florence M1869194879N-14
Rossell, Dorris1909194940N-14Wife & MOther
Rossell, Ella JN-14
Rossell, Elwood John1898-08-221965-06-2066N-14Delaware Cpl Co E 59 Pioneer Inf WW!
Rossell, Mary E1859-09-181896-08-0936W-10Beloved wife of Geo W Rossell
Rossell, William E1859191657N-14
Rothrock, Caroline A1901198382W-18
Rothrock, Ester Mathhilds Brough1872192553W-18
Rothrock, Harry J1871196695W-18
Rothrock, Joseph J1898196870W-18
Sammons, Harold T1890196575W-20
Sammons, Maraget C1890194252W-20
Sankey, John G1784180117P-12Aged 17
Schmidt, Louis1836Y-13
Schmidt, Martha S1938-06-192004-06-0865N-18Cremated - left front of family lot
Schmidt, Mary A1826191084Y-13
Scofield, Whitney S1919-07-112002-06-0182MG
Sheridan, Mary M18791984105V-12
Skeen, Carroll W1909197566N-18
Skeoch, Mary Roderick1907-11-291990-02-0282MG
Smith, Alphia F1884195369U-18
Smith, Amelia Carter1862193068Z-18
Smith, Denny B1887195265V-14
Smith, Elizabeth1833190673V-14
Smith, Elizabeth Ruth1784185470V-14Aged 70
Smith, Ellen Logan1843189451?-??
Smith, Esther1841191978Q-12
Smith, George Allen1850194191T-19
Smith, James1774185682V-14
Smith, Louisa B Frazer1852193583U-18
Smith, Marie M1897198386Z-18
Smith, Martha Jane183618371V-14Daughter of John & Sarah Smith
Smith, Mary Couper1815189984Q-12Wife of James Logan Smith
Smith, Sarah1746181569V-14Aged 69, Wife of James Smith
Sneed, Elizabeth J1907198578?-??
Spotswood, Annie Robertson1846192175R-11
Spotswood, Caroline Physic1852186715R-11Aged 15 yrs & 10 Mos Carrie
Spotswood, John B Rev D D1808188577R-11Born in Dinwiddle Co Virginia
Spotswood, Mary Dandridge1852R-11Daughter of Rev J B & Sarah spotswood
Spotswood, Sarah P Willing1808188880R-11Wife of Rev Spotswood, Daug of Wm Shippen Willing
Spotswood, Susan B1838191678S-13
Spotswood, Virginia1841189049S-13
Stahl, Mary A Taggart1848193486N-10
Stahl, Nicholas Frrederick DD1847192780N-10
Starts, David F187019??-1851V-13
Starts, Elizabeth B1867194376V-13
Steele, Martha Bryson1896199195X-10Sister of Wm Rendell Perrem
Stockton, Ann P1807U-15Wife of John Stockton
Stoops, John Elvin189519027U-15Son of John T & Mary P Stoops
Stoops, John Thomas1857194790U-15
Stoops, Mary Emma1864195490U-15
Stoops, Willard Chapman189819057U-15Son of John T & Mary P Stoops
Stringer, William F1884192844W-11
Sutton, Albert1878P-12
Sutton, Alwilda1839191374P-12Wife of Wm H Sutton
Sutton, Isaac1866P-12
Sutton, Isaac1880190525P-12
Sutton, Louisa1809P-12
Sutton, Louisa MY-15
Sutton, Maggie187018700P-12Aged 3 mos
Sutton, Rena187218720P-12Aged 6 mos
Sutton, Robert1883P-12
Sutton, RobertY-15
Sutton, Ruth Ann1838190971P-12Wife of John G Sankey & James H Swan, Mother
Sutton, Scottie1871P-12
Sutton, William1872P-12
Sutton, William H1838190264P-12
Sutton, William R1896Y-15
Swan, James Hilton1825188459P-12Husband of Ruth Ann Sutton
Taggart, Joseph I1807189184R-11
Taggart, Joseph Isreal184418517R-11Son of J I & Mary Taggart
Taggart, Lizzie GR-11Daughter of J I & Mary Taggart
Taggart, Mary Branham1808188476R-11?
Taggart, Mary Grantham1808188476R-11Wife of Joseph I Taggart
Taylor, JuniperZ-15Aged 19
Taylor, Phoebe1896X-19
Thomas, Charles1790184858V16Husband of Eliza Stoops
Thomas, Charles1790184858V-16Acting Gov of DE Son of C & S McCallmont Thomas
Thompson, Dorothe17361776-09-0340CYAged 40 yrs
Thompson, John Esq17291790-10-3161CY2nd Justice Ct of Com Pleas NCC, removed fr a
Thompson, John Esqprivate cemetary by act Gen Assembly 1913
Thompson, Rev John1767-07-001795-04-0927CYAged 27 yrs 9 mos
Thompson, Robert17721791-08-3019CYAged 19
Thompson, Susan1869Z-20Nee Downey, wife of Frank R Thompson
Thouron, Emily Gray1875195782Q-15Wife of Henry Thouron
Thouron, Geroge Gray1908197466Q-15Son of Henry Thouron & Emily Gray Thouron
Thouron, Henry1877192649Q-15
Thouron, Henry A1912197563Q-15Son of Henry Thouron & Emily Gray Thouron
Thouron, Margaret Gray190519061?-??Daughter of Henry & Emily Gray Thouron
Tilney, Isabella M1868195284T-16
Tilney, Theresa B1864193470T-16
Timms, Alfred T1875195277R-14
Timms, Anna H1874193258R-14
Tood, Lilian1860U-17
Tracey, Elizabeth BP-21Daoughter of James S Tracey
Tracey, JamesP-21
Truss, Emma R1874195581Q-18
Truss, William Marvin1869193768Q-18
Turner, Anne Pennell1803184946T-17Aged 45 yrs 11 mos Daughter of John & Susan Turner
Turner, Elizabeth1750181161S-17Aged 61, Wife of Thomas Turner
Turner, Elizabeth Colesberry1798183133S-17Aged 33, Daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Turner
Turner, George W Sr1816189175R-17
Turner, Geroge W1848186416R-17Aged 15yrs11mo6days, Son of Geo & Harriet Turner
Turner, Harriet1914198268R-17Aged 68. Wife of George W Turner
Turner, Rebecca1849187526S-17Aged 26, Daughter of Thomas & Rebecca Turner
Turner, Rebecca1811188675S-17Wife of Thomas Turner
Turner, Thomas1774184672S-17Aged 72
Turner, Thomas1807186760S-17Aged 60 yrs 2 mos 20 days
Twyford, George T II1921-10-231998-02-2376MGHusband of Margaret Twyford
Twyford, Margaret Bordwell1919-12-021998-02-1178MGWife of Geroge Twyford
Vallett, Bessie P S1870192656P-16
Vallett, J Rudolph189519049P-16
Vallett, Miriam B190819080P-16
Vallett, Rudolph A1869195586P-16
Vining, J AS-14Co B 7th Del Inf Civil War
Wadsley, Eliza B1834190167T-16
Wadsley, Robert1834189864T-16
Wadsley, Robert M1866191549T-16
Walker, Eliza?-??
Waneer, Emily W1887194760X-10Wife
Warren, Lloyd C1885193550?-??
Webster, Elizabeth Doughten1935?-??
Weggenmann, Ethel1891190312R-14Daughter of Frank & Mima Weggenmann
Weggenmann, Frank C1860193070R-14
Weggenmann, Helen G190719??-1888R-14
Weggenmann, Jemima S1865194479R-14Wife of Frank C Weggenmann
Weggenmann, Katie186118687W-14Daughter of Charles B & Mary Weggenmann
Weggenmann, Mary L1817191295W-14Wife of Charles B Weggenmann
Weggenmann, W Harry1889195465R-14
Weibel, WilliamZ-19
Wells, Hannah1865188217W-16Aged 17
White, Emma1871192251U-15
White, Joseph Carus1887U-15
White, Joseph Carus1873193663U-15
White, Rebecca1908U-15Widow of Joseph Carus White
Whitnack, E BW-12Co ? 1st Del Inf War with Spain
Wiley, Carol S1914199480N-19
Wiley, John O1920199171N-19
Wilhelme, Albert F M189518961X-12
Wilhelme, Delaney M1862193068X-12
Wilhelme, Dorothea Eiler1848193082Y-13
Wilhelme, Edward H187918801Y-13
Wilhelme, Frank1881189312Y-13
Wilhelme, George1822188361X-13
Wilhelme, Harry F187218797Y-13
Wilhelme, J Harvey1885190924X-12
Wilhelme, Joseph P190019000X-12
Wilhelme, Maude E1866194074X-12
Willhelme, Henry1850192272Y-13
Williams, Amanda1833191279Y-19Wife of George Williams
Williams, Charles1894191925Y-21
Williams, George JrX-20
Williams, George SrX-19
Williams, Geroge1836191276Y-19
Williams, J AS-22
Williams, Mary G1868192052Y-21
Williams, Samuel J1862190543Y-21
Willis, Elizabeth H (Rossell)1903198481N-14
Willis, Emily W1887194760X-11
Wilson, George Alan1851U-12
Wintrup, Lillian E1890192030W-12
Wipf, FredR-22
Wise, Erlon Roberts190019000T-18
Wise, G V?-??
Wise, Gwendolyn S1903199087T-18
Wise, Irene G1893194249W-17
Wise, James H194419440?-??
Wise, John S1865193469W-17
Wise, Katie E1870196191T-18
Wise, L Ogden Jr1907199184T-18
Wise, Lillie S1869192051W-17
Wise, Loomis O1867195790T-18
Woodruff, David Russell1920198161U-20US Army WW11
Wright, Bertha L191019199W-22Daughter of John Henry & Savilla R Wright
Wright, Charles Edward1869191344W-22Son of George Green & Clara Virginia Wright
Wright, Clara Virginia1845192782X-22Wife of George Green Wrijght, Nee Hare/Hayre
Wright, George Green1844189854T-22Co I 11th Pa Cav Civil War Son of John & Effie
Wright, John Henry1867195184W-22Son of George green & Clara Virginia Wright
Wright, Mary A189519005W-22Daughter of John Henry & Savilla R Wright
Wright, Mrs GeorgeT-22
Wright, Savilla R1872196391W-22Nee Downey Wife of John Henry Wright
Wright, Viola W1887190316W-22Daughter of Jacob P & Louisa Wright
Wylie, Rev S Beattie1865-06-221961-08-2596CYPastor 1892-1922
Zimmerman, C Howard1872194674R-19
Zimmerman, Clara L1876196690R-19
James L. Meek '08 NC-CHAP