New Castle, Delaware
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Official documents Histories, Guidebooks Architecture, Zoning Census, tax, births, deaths, marriage, burials Genealogies, wills, diaries, biographies Theses, Student Papers Homeower's Research

Official documents, court records, laws

Histories, Guidebooks and Traveler's Reports

Architectural Descriptions, Renovation Plans, Zoning

  • 1810 Lunt, Farmer's Bank Assurance Co. (1958)
  • 1925 White Pine George Read, II House Architectural monograph, (10mb !!) drawings
  • 1926 White Pine Architectural Monograph: New Castle, Delaware, an Eighteenth Century Town(pdf, 8mb)
  • 1926 White Pine Series: Kensey Johns House (pdf, 5mb)
  • Homes of Sen. Nicholas Van Dyke by Judge R. Rodney
  • Historical American Buildings Survey (HABS, 1934): Amstel House, Kensey Johns Sr. House, Town Hall, Nicholas Van Dyke Jr. House (400 Delaware)
  • 1949 Report by Perry, Shaw, and Hepburn/Pope and Kruse with introduction to New Castle by Anthony Higgins (pdf, 8mb)
  • HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT: THE OLD DUTCH HOUSE, 1682-1823 Structural report by Jeff Klee (8 MB)
  • Historic American Towns along the Atlantic Coast (1999) Warren Boeschenstein. A UVA architecture professor looks at 10 livable communities, including New Castle that are desirable and unique, and explores what makes them so desirable, and different from nearby cities.

    Census and tax records, births, deaths, marriage, burials, city directories

  • Tax records 1776 | 1798 | 1815 | 1826
  • Federal census for New Castle 1800-1870
  • 1885 Street level City Directory
  • Immanuel Church Vital Statistics 1714-1985
  • Presbyterian Church Records 1700-1965
  • Boyd 1874 City Directory of New Castle -- people and occupations and businesses

    Genealogies, wills, inventories, birth records and biographies