New Castle, Delaware
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Pieter Goos Map of Nieuw Nederlandt(1667)

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Pieter Goos of Amsterdam produced beautiful maps of the new world, the world and southeast Asia for atlases in the 1600's. The detail of his map of "Nieuw Nederlandt" in 1667 shows many familiar  Pennsylvania, Delaware place names: (Reedy Island, Schulylkill, Upland, Cape May, Cape Hinlopen, Barnegat) as well as unfamiliar: Fort Nassau (the Dutch fort abandoned in favor of Fort Casimir), Whorekill = Swannendael (the predecessor to Lewes). 


Note that not only Pennsylvania and surrouinding areas but also New England are called New Netherland -- a brief effect of the 2nd Anglo Dutch war.

Prints of this New Netherlands map are avalable from the New Netherland Institute, Print of Goos' other maps are available online from many sources. For an extensive description, history and images of maps of Pennsylvania (and Delaware), look at Cramer's web site.