New Castle, Delaware
Community History and Archaeology Program 

Detail from Rea and Price map of 1849.  Courtesy Hagley Museum and Library

Rea & Price Map of New Castle County, 1849

This map does not show the Town of New Castle in  particularly useful detail.  What it does offer is an unusual view of the government buildings 40 years after the Latrobe survey, and details of location of the homes outside the city and their owners.

As shown above,  the courthouse had adjoining it on its southeast side a three and a half story building (the debtors prison)  that connected the courthouse to the 1793 sheriffs office.  Note also the name A. V. Lesley on the map.  Allan Voorhees Lesley built the mansion (now know as the Deemer Mansion) near South Street in the mid 1850's. He was listed in the 1870 census as a 'retired physician', the wealthiest resident of New Castle.

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Map courtesy Hagley Musesum and Library)

In the country outside town are the Booth residence (now demolished), a number of homes owned by the Trustees of the Common,  and a number of homes owned by C. I. Dupont.  He married into a prominent New Castle family in 1824 when, with Lafayette in attendance, he married Dorcas Van  Dyke at 300 Delaware Street.  He built his home on the the Brandywine adjacent to Breck's Mill.  

Also visible at what is now Rte 13 & 273 is the Green Tree Inn, the site of the meeting in which New Castle residents organized to face the British menace in 1814.

Zoomable high resolution regular version of the map. School districts are shown, as well as schools (highlighted in red).