New Castle, Delaware
Community History and Archaeology Program 

"A View of The Town of New Castle From The River Delaware, -- Taken the 4th July 1797 -- By Ives le Blanc" Courtesy G. & E. Hargraves


Participants and Sponsoring Organizations

State of Delaware, Dept. of State, Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs.
Craig Lukezic 
   Lynn Riley 
   Cynthia Snyder 

University of Delaware, Dept. of Anthropology 
    Lu Ann Decunzo 
    Nedda Moqtaderi 

New Castle Public Library 
    Katie Newell 

Historical Society of Delaware, The George Read House 
Michele Anstine 

New Castle Historical Society
Bruce Dalleo 

John Millner Associates 
Wade Catts 

New Castle Residents 
    Barbara Alfree 
    Beverly Flannigan 
    Jim Meek