New Castle, Delaware
Community History and Archaeology Program 

"A View of The Town of New Castle From The River Delaware, -- Taken the 4th July 1797 -- By Ives le Blanc" Courtesy G. & E. Hargraves


 Portraits -- Individual and Group

SeldenKateDeemer.jpg (46457 bytes) Selden Scranton and Kate Deemer, c1900, S Deemer (b 1861, d 1934), elected Trustee of the Common in 1907.  Son Buddy Scranton Deemer, grandson Selden.  Steel Mill sold at his death to Newlin Booth. Photo ourtesy
  Under construction -- we need YOUR old photos or identification of people in group photos  

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deemer_1942.jpg (314442 bytes)  Deemer Steel Co, 1942, Courtesy Tim Sculley.  So far identified:  from left, in suits, front row: ?,  Newlin T Booth Sr., ? Robert Quillen



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