New Castle, Delaware
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Names in the 1693 census of Swedes on the Delaware

From the letter by Charles Springer of New Castle County to Johan Thelin, postmaster of Gothenburg, Sweden requesting and appeal to the king for Swedish ministers, bibles and books. Entitled "An exact list and roll of all the men, women and children that are found and are still alive in New Sweden in Pennsylvania on the Delaware River."
Transcribed and annotated by Peter Stebbins Craig.

For a .pdf (6 Mb) with the introduction, maps of the areas served by the congregations and details on the Crane Hook congregation click here

Wicaco (Philadelphia) Congregation Page 1

Original ListSoulsNormalized VersionRef. No.
Petter Rambo Senior2Peter Gunnarsson Rambo1
Petter Rambo Junior6Peter Rambo, Jr.2
Johan Rambo6John Rambo3
Anders Rambo8Anders Rambo4
Gunnar Rambo9Gunnar Rambo5
Captain Lasse Cock11Lars Petersson Cock6
Erick Cock9Eric Petersson Cock7
Mouns Cock8Måns Petersson Cock8
John Cock7John Petersson Cock9
Petter Cock7Peter Petersson Cock10
Gabriell Cock7Gabriel Petersson Cock11
Anders Bonde11Anders Svensson Bonde [Boon]12
Swen Bonde5Sven Andersson Bonde [Boon]13
Anders Bengtsson9Anders Bengtsson14
Swenn Swennsson5Sven Svensson [Swanson]15
Johan Swensson9John Ollesson Svensson16
Gunnar Swensson5Gunnar Andersson Svensson17
Michell Niellsson11Michael Nisson Lycon18
Anders Niellsson3Anders Nilsson Lycon19
Britta Göstaffsson6Brita Gustafsson [Justis]20
Göstaff Göstasson8Gustaf Gustafsson [Justis]21
Jonas Niellsson4Jonas Nilsson22
Nielss Jonesson6Nils Jonasson [Jones]23
Mouns Jonesson3Måns Jonasson [Jones]24
Anders Jonesson4Anders Jonasson [Jones]25
Johan Jonesson2John Jonasson [Jones]26
Hans Jörensson11Hans Geörgen [Urian]27
Måns Stake1Måns Petersson Stake28
Petter Stake3Peter Petersson Stake29
Morton Mortensson Senr.3Mårten Mårtensson, Sr.30
Morton Mortensson Junr.10Mårten Mårtensson, Jr.31
Matthiass Mårtensson4Matthias Mårtensson32
Otto Ernest Cock5Otto Ernest Koch [Cock]33
Anders Pärsson Longåker7Anders Petersson Longacre34
Petter Yocomb9Peter Petersson Yocum35
John Bowles1John Bowles36
John Skutte4John Svensson Skute37
Matthiass Hollsteen7Matthias Claessen Holstein38
John Stille8John Ollesson Stille39
Anders Wheller4Anders Johnsson Wheeler40
Mouns Justasson2Måns Göstafsson [Justis]41
Neils Leikan5Nils Nilson Lycon42
Erick Mollika8Eric Pålson Mullica43
Jonass Keen8Jonas Jürgensson Keen44
Matthiass Keen3Matthias Hansson Keen45
Bengt Bengtsson2Bengt Andersson Bengtsson46

Wicaco Congregation Page 2

Christiern Claesson7Christiern Claesson47
Neilss Gestenbergh7Nils Nilsson Gästenberg48
Erick Gestenbergh3Eric Nilsson Gästenberg49
Lasse Buur8Lars Larsson Boore50
Claes Johnson6Claes Johnsson51
Dirich Johnson5Dirick Johnsson52
John Johnson2John Johnsson53
Petter Steelman4Peter Hansson Steelman54
Frederich König6Frederick Fredericksson King55
Ellias Tay4Elias Johnsson Toy56
Jöns Steelman4Jöns Hansson Steelman57
Cassper Fisk10Caspar Fisk [Fish]58
Staffan Ekorn5Staffan Johnsson Ekoren59
Petter Dalboe9Peter Mattsson alias Dalbo60
Olle Daelboe7Olof Andersson Dalbo61
John Matzson11John Mattsson alias Dalbo62
Antonij Long3Anthony Nilsson alias Long63
Niels Matzson3Nils Mattsson64
Israel1 Hellm5Israel Åkesson Helm65
Anders Homman9Anders Andersson Homman66
Olle Dirichsson7Olle Dericksson67
Anders Lockenij1Anders Carlsson Lock68
Mouns Lockeny1Måns Carlsson Lock69
Hans Pettersson7Hans Petersson70
Hindrich Collman1Hendrick Andersson Kolman71
Jöns Jöstaffsson3Jons Gustafsson [Justis]72
John Hoppman7John Hopman [Hoffman]73
Frederich Hoppman7Frederick Hopman [Hoffman]74
Anders Hoppman4Anders Hopman [Hoffman]75
Nicolaes Hoppman5Nicholas Hopman [Hoffman]76
Mouns Hallton9Måns Jönsson Halton77
Lasse Hallton3Lasse Halton78
John Andersson9John Andersson String79
Wholle Pettersson6Olle Petersson80
Larss Paulsson1Pål Pålsson Corvhorn81
Hans Wholleson5Hans Ollesson82
William Talleij7William Talley83
Morton Knuttzon6Mårten Knutsson [Canuteson]84
Niels Larsson Frändes änkia7Nils Larsson Frände's widow85
Anders Frände4Anders Nilsson Frände [Friend]86
Reijneer Pettersson2Reynier Petersson87
Anders Hindrichsson4Anders Hendricksson88
John V. Cullen5Johan van Culen89
Hendrich Tathe5Hendrick Thaten [Torton]90
John Hendrichsson5John Hendricksson91
John Adrian6John Arian [Archer]92
John Ekorn[blank]John Johnsson Ekoren93
William Kabb6Wiam Cobb94
Hans Keens efterlefwerska5Hans Jüensson Keen's widow95

Crane Hook Congregation Page 3

Kerstin Stallcopt3Widow of John Stalcop101
Lucas Stedham7Lucas Stedham102
Lulloff Stedham9Lulof Stedham103
Asmund Stedham5Asmund [Erasmus] Stedham104
Adam Stedham8Adam Stedham105
Benjamin Stedham7Benedict Stedham106
Britta Pettersson8Widow of Samuel Petersson107
Jöran Andersson5Jöran Andersson108
Broor Slnnike7Broer Sinnicksson109
Jesper Wallrawen7Gisbert Walraven110
Jonas Wallraven1Jonas Walraven111
Conraet Constantine6Conrad Constantine112
Wholle Thommas9Olle Thomasson113
Petter Paulsson5Peter Pålsson114
John Ommersson5John Nomersson [Numbers]115
Matthias de Foss6Matthias Mattsson de Foss116
Christiern Jöransson1Christiern Jöransson117
Carell Springer5Charles Springer118
Johan Andersson7John Andersson Cock119
Henrich Jacobsson4Hendrick Jacobsson120
Jacob Vn d. Ver Senior7Jacob Vander Veer, Sr.121
Cornelius Vn d. Ver7Cornelius Vander Veer122
William Vn d. Ver1William Vander Veer123
Jacob Vn d. Ver Junior1Jacob Vander Veer, Jr.124
John Vn d. Ver3John Vander Veer125
Hans Pcttersson5Hans Petersson126
Petter Pettersson3Peter Petersson Smith127
Påwell Pettersson3Paul Petersson128
Petter Mounsson5Peter Månson [Mounson]129
Johan Mounsson5Johan Månson [Mounson]130
Hendrich Tossa4Hendrick Ollesson Tussey131
John Tossa2John Tussey132
Thomas Jones4Thomas Jones133
Jacob Clemmetzon8Jacob Clemmentsson134
Olle Rosse5Olle Rosse [Rawson]135
Jacob Claesson6Jacob Classon136
Hendrich Andersson5Hendrick Andersson Smith137
Hendrich Iwarsson9Hendrick Evertsson138
Johan Skrika3Johan Mattsson Skrika, Jr.139
Mlatthiass Skrika1Matthias Mattsson Skrika140
Olle Påulsson9Olle Pålsson [Paulson]141
Johan Steelman5John Hansson Steelman142
Hendrick Parkom4Hendrick Petersson Parker143
Simon Johnson10Simon Johnsson144
John Grantum3John Granthum145
Bengt Påulsson5Bengt Pålsson [Paulson]146
Lase Kempe6Lars Pålsson Kämpe147
Gösta Påullsson6Gustaf Pålsson [Paulson]148
Hans Göstaffsson7Hans Göstafsson [Justis]149
Petter Stålpkoft6Peter Stalcop150
Jörran Botzman3Jöran Jöransson Båtsman, Jr.151

Crane Hook Congregation page 4

Erick Jüransson2Eric Andersson Jöransson152
Jöran Jöransson1Jöran Jöransson Orrhan153
Lorentz Osterson2Lawrence Osterson/Eustason154
Johan Hendrichsson6John Hendricksson155
Dawidh Hendrichsson7David Hendricksson Bilderback156
Karell Pettersson5Charles Petersson157
Isacc Savoy7Isaac Savoy158
Wholle Franson7Olle Fransson159
Lasse Piettersson1Lars Petersson160
Matthias Reepoot3Matthias Nilsson Repot161
Wholle Slobbe3Olle/William Slubey162
Matthiass Stark3Matthias Nilsson Stark163
Israell Stark1Israel Nilsson Stark164
Johan Stalcop6John Johnsson Stalcop165
Paull Mink5Paul Paulsson Mink166
Johan Skaggen6John Johnsson Scoggin167
Niels Repott3Nils Nilsson Repot168
Hendrich Jacobs1Hendrick Jacobsson169
Matthiass Jacobs1Matthias Jacobsson170
Anders Sinneke5Anders Sinnicksson171
Johan Hendrichsson Junior3John Hendrickson, Jr.172
Anders Weinom4Anders Anderson Weinam173
Michell Larsson4Michael Larsson Weinam174
Lars Larsson1Lars Larsson Weinam175
Hendrich Daniellsson5Hendrick Danielsson176
Wholle Torsson4Olle Larsson Tussey177
Jonas Skaggens änkia6Jonas Scoggin's widow178
Larss Tossa1Lars Larsson Tussey179
Matthias Tossa1Matthias Larsson Tussey180
Staffan Jürensson5Staffan Jöransson181
Larss Larsson7Lars Larsson Hendricksson182
Jüran Ericksson1Jöran Ericsson Litien183
Jacob Hendrichson5Jacob Hendricksson184
Petter Lucas1Peter Lucasson Petersson185
Lucas Lucasson1Lucas Lucasson Petersson186
Hance Lucasson1Hans Lucasson Petersson187
Olle Kuckow8Olle Ollesson Kuckow188
Hendrich Slobeij2Hendrick Slubey189
Christoffer MeiJör7Stoffel Michel Meyer190
Hendrich Larsson6Hendrick Larsson Corvhorn191
Matthias Ericksson3Matthias Ericsson Hammalin192
Erick Ericksson1Eric Ericsson Hammalin193
Thomas Diinnis6Thomas Dennis [Denny]201
Anders Robertzon3Andrew Robeson202
Robert Longshore4Robert Longshore203
Anders Dirichsson1Anders Dericksson204
Christiern Thomass änkia6Christiern Thomasson's widow205
PAul Sahlunge3Paul Johnsson Salung206
Loretz Hollingz1Laurence Marcusson Huling207

Appended to the above list was a supplemental list, which was entitled, 'This list is also to let you know how many there are of the old Swedes and Finns that are still alive that have come from our fatherland." That list, keyed to the family involved (where known), was as follows:

Petter Ramboe - who have been here1
Anders Bonde - for 54 years12
Anders Bengtvon14
Swen Swenson15
Michell Niellsson18
Jonas Niellsson22
Mouns Staake28
Morten Mortensson Senior30
Morten Mortensson Junior31
Erick Mollika43
Nielss Matzon64
Antonij Long63
Israell Hellm65
Anders Homman66
Olle Dirichsson67
Hans Piettersson70
Hendrich Kollman71
Jöns Jöstasson72
Mouns Hallton77
Hans Ollesson82
Carell Christoffersson Springer118
Hendrich Jacobsson120
Jacob Clemmesson134
Olle Rosse135
Hindrich Andersson137
Hindrich Iwarsson138
Simon Johnsson144
Paull Mink166
Olle Påulsson141
Olle Pettersson80
Anders Sinnike171
Broor Sinnike109
Eskell Andersson194
Matthiass de Foss116
John Hendrichsson155
Anders Weinom173
Staffan Jüransson181
Olle Kuckow188
Anders Dirichsson204
Anders Ming [Mink]195

From The 1693 Census of the Swedes on the Delaware River, Peter Stebbins Craig, J.D., SAG Publications, 1993, Winter Park FL. © Peter Craig
With permission of the author.

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