New Castle, Delaware
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Benjamin Latrobe's 1804 drawing of houses along several The Strand, the survey and a sketch of the courthouse provide the best idea we have of the New Castle's early appearance. The scans made by the Delaware Public Archives, Dover are quite large: up to 500mb, much too large to view over the web. These zoomable maps allow closeup views:
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Augustine Herrman
This left-to-right map (mimicking the way mariners enter the Chesapeake) is based on the earlier map by John Smith (1612), but the Herrman map shows much more detail of Maryland and Delaware. The map helped him to become the Lord of Bohemia Manor! This map is from the Maryland State Archives historic map website.

New Sweden or The Swedish River now the Delaware River in the West Indies (1654/1690) by "Fortifications engineer" Per Lindestrom. Campanius Campanius version | Johnson version | Acrelius version
Lindestrom came to New Sweden in 1654-1655 and witnessed the takeover by Stuyvesants troops. On his return to Sweden, he drew a version of this map that hung in the palace in Stockholm for years. He wrote a readable book in 1690 about his travels and included this map trying to earn some money. It was redrawn in ... by Thomas Campanius Holm, by Israel Acrelius in ... and Amandus Johnson in 1925. that book.
Lindestrom (Acrelius version) redrawn by Israel Acrelius in ...

Standard maps

Latrobe Survey, and about the survey
Georeferenced Beers Atlas maps of Delaware Hundreds and cities
Sanborn Insurance maps, 1885 and 1901