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Ann Clay Booth

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Ann Clay Booth   (1759-1846)

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Title/OccupationWife, mother of 8
Address30 The Strand, 212 Delaware
Date painted1820-1830
CreditDelaware Historical Society
MarriedJames Booth Sr.
ParentsSlater and Ann (Curtis) Clay
Children(8) Mary, George Clay, James, Ann, George, Elizabeth, William, Joseph

Clay family genealogy

Courtesy Biggs Museum of American Art, Dover, Delaware
The portrait above is of a 60-70 year old woman, and mother of eight children. But, she was once a young girl who grew up at 30 The Strand, and learned genteel skills from local teachers. Although we don't know who taught her needlework, she did complete a sampler at age 7. A page from the book "Wrought With Careful Hand" available here describes the sampler in greater detail.

Jim Meek
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