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Ann Curtis Clay

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Ann Curtis Clay   (1724-1789)

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Title/OccupationMother of 13
Address30 The Strand
ArtistJohn Hesselius
Date paintedc1759
CreditSchwarz Gallery, Collection 68
MarriedSlator Clay (1740)
ParentsJehu & Mary (Brinckle) Curtis
ChildrenCurtis, 1747-1809; Robert, 1749-1831; John, 1751-1779; Thomas, 1753-1793; Slater, 1754-1821; Jehu, 1756-1757; Jehu, 1757-1758; Mary, 1758-1801; Ann, 1759-1846; Elizabeth, 1760-1822; William, 1761-1797; George, 1762-1805; Sarah, 1764-1826

Antiques Magazine v119, 666, 1981 Three recently discovered portraits by John Hesselius

In a letter in 1771, she wrote to Benjamin Franklin that she was now a widow of 4 years with 11 children, recommending one of her children to Franklin.

Her home (30 The Strand) with all these children was called "Mount Racket", according to Eckman

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