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Caleb Bennett

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Caleb Bennett   (1758-1836)

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Title/OccupationGovernor (1833-1836)
Address6 The Strand
Artistattr. Thomas Sully
Date painted
CreditState Portrait Commission *
MarriedCatherine Britton (1792)
ParentsJoseph & Elizabeth Bennett
Children(13) Samuel, Elizabeth, Caroline, Mary Ann, Henry, Livina, Joseph, Susan, Charless, William, Catherine, Edin, Boadicea

* The State Portrait Commission since the early 20th century (now under Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs) has commissioned artists to paint and/or copy portraits of statesmen and women thought to be important to add to the state's collection.


Lived on Market St. in Wilmington, later bought 6 The Strand in New Castle and operated the Delaware Hotel. Served in the Revolutionary war and war of 1812. Wounded three times.

Latrobe wrote with obvious fondness in his Journals for Aug. 3, 1806:

"I have several acquaintances in this place. The first of them [Bennett] is a tavernkeeper, and he is also the worthiest. He is an old soldier of the revolution, and besides being six feet 4 inches high, he wears as a relic an enormous Cocked hat fore and aft. He is a good man, a great politician, a flaming democrat, and an adorer of Buonaparte. His understanding is infinitely inferior to his heart, which is made of the kindest stuf He is loved and laughed at by every body, and though he keeps a very bad tavern, he makes money in it, and much good may it do him. He is the only man, who, during the inconvenient, and on account of my constant absence from hence often very distressing residence of my family here, ever did us a kind office. And with him it was never necessary to solicit kindness, nor was it humiliating to accept it."

Jim Meek
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