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Hannah Booth Jr.

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Hannah Booth Jr.   (1797-1857)

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Title/OccupationOrganist & Directress of Music
Address212 Delaware
ArtistLaussat Rogers after ?
Date paintedUnknown
CreditNew Castle Historical Society
MarriedJames Booth Jr.

Note the sheet music she is holding

On the back of the frame is written: " Hannah Booth wife of James Booth II Chief Justice of Delaware Organist & Directress of Music, Immanuel Church, New Castle for more than 20 years."

In his article on music in New Castle, Cooper wrote in 1907 that "The music in Immanuel Church has always been of a high character. Mrs. Hannah Booth, (the wife of Judge Booth, Jr.) was the organist for more than forty consecutive years. The Judge himself, though not a member of the choir, was quite an adept in vocal music, and was especially fond of singing that old and popular air, beginning,
Life let us cherish,
While yet the taper glows. "

Children, from Immanuel Vital Records: Anna, 1820; Susan Hyatt, 1821; Elizabeth, 1822; James (3rd) 1824, Julia, 1827; James Rogers, 1829; Thomas Rogers, 1830; Julia Maria, 1833; Mary Ellen, 1835

Relations between the old familes are complex -- too complex for me. Just within the Booth and Rogers families there are interesting entwinements.", to say nothing of the Read, Clay, Ross, McCallmont, Van Leuvenigh, Janvier families.

Take Anna Rogers Booth for example.
Her mother was Hannah Russum Rogers, daughter of Delaware Governor Daniel Rogers and his second wife, Nancy Russum. Hannah married Chief Justice James Booth, Jr., son of Judge James Booth, Sr., and Ann Clay James Booth, Jr. and Hannah Rodgers had at least five children: James Rodgers Booth, Anna Rogers Booth, Thomas Rogers Booth (ex-USMA 1853), Elizabeth Rogers Booth, and Sarah Rogers Booth. Governnor Rogers also had a son James, Later attorney general of Delaware by his first wife, Esther Cropper (or Crapper). THis James Rogers married James Booth, Jr.'s sister Maria Clay Rogers. Thus Anna Rogers Booth is the granddaughter of Governor Rogers and the half-niece of Attorney General James Rogers on her mother's side as well as the niece by marriage of James Rogers on her father's side.

Jim Meek
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