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James Booth Jr.

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James Booth Jr.   (1789-1855)

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Title/OccupationChief Justice (1841-1855)
Trustee NCC
Address212 Delaware St.
ArtistLaussat Rogers? copy of painting attr. Thomas Sully
Date painted
CreditNew Castle Historical Society
MarriedHannah Rogers
ParentsJames Booth & Ann Curtis

On the back of the frame is written: James Booth II Chief Justice of Delaware Husband of Hannah Father of Mary Ellen Booth Balch d1916

List of Chief Justices

Children, from Immanuel Vital Records: Anna, 1820; Susan Hyatt, 1821; Elizabeth, 1822; James (3rd) 1824, Julia, 1827; James Rogers, 1829; Thomas Rogers, 1830; Julia Maria, 1833; Mary Ellen, 1835

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