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Mary Brinckle Curtis Van Bebber

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Mary Brinckle Curtis Van Bebber   (1702-1782)

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AddressW. 3rd Street
ArtistJohn Hesselius
Date painted
CreditNew Castle Historical Society
MarriedJehu Curtis (c1722), Jacob Van Bebber
ParentsWilliam Brinckle & Elizabeth Curtis
ChildrenAnn, Mary

From "John Hesselius: HIs LIfe and Work, Robert K. Doud, Thesis Univ. Del. 1963

Brinckle, Mary
Owner: David Gordon, Garrison, New York.
Biographical Data: Born 1702, Died 1782. She was the daughter of William Brinckle (or Brinckloe) ( - 1722) of Kent County, Delaware, and his wife, Elizabeth. She married, first ca, 1720, Judge Jehu Curtis (1692-1763) by whom she had at least two children (1) Ann Curtis (1723-1789) and (2) Mary Curtis ( -1749). She married, next, apparently as his second wife, Jacob van Bebber ( -1768), of New Castle County, Delaware, by whom she had no issue. His will names his wife Mary, and a son William and a daughter Sarah, obviously by a former wife.

Both of her husbands were justices of the Delaware (actually, three lower counties) supreme court: Judge Jehu Curtis and Judge Jacob van Bebber

Mary, Slator Clay's mother in law may be turning over in her grave. There's a grave in Immanuel inscribed "In Memory of Mary Ann Rebber, who departed this life.. 1780, aged 78 years". It's next to Ann (Slator's wife). It's probably an incorrect recutting of the inscription. Holcomb's 1890 "Sketch of Early Ecclesiastical Affairs in New Castle" recorded these inscriptions:"

"In memory of Jehu Clay, Jr., who died February 5 1758, aged 6 months."
"To the memory of Slater Clay, who departed this life February 20th, 1767, aged 55 years."
"In memory of Ann Clay, who departed this life June 14, 1789, aged 66 years."
"In memory of Mary Van Bebber, who departed this life September 18, 1780, aged 78 years."
"In memory of Thomas Clay, who departed this life September 6, 1793, aged 40 years."
"In memory of John Bond, who departed this life 6th August, 1794, aged 52 years."
"In memory of William Clay, who departed this life the 25th September, 1797, aged 36 years.

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