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Slator Clay

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Slator Clay   (1711-1767)

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Title/OccupationShip Captain, Merchant, Tavern Owner
Address30 The Strand
ArtistJohn Hesselius
Date paintedc1759
CreditThe Trout Gallery at Dickinson College, Carlisle,PA
MarriedMary Curtis (1740)
ParentsRobert & Ann Curtis
Children(13) Curtis, 1747-1809; Robert, 1749-1831; John, 1751-1779; Thomas, 1753-1793; Slator, 1754-1821; Jehu, 1756-1757; Jehu, 1757-1758; Mary, 1758-1801; Ann, 1759-1846; Elizabeth, 1760-1822; William, 1761-1797; George, 1762-1805; Sarah, 1764-1826

John Hesselius painted Slator and his wife Ann, and at least 3 of her then living children: 1 year old Mary, ~5 year old Slator Jr, and ~6 year old Thomas. It seems likely that portraits were made of the older boys (Curtis, Robert, and John). If so, they may be on descendants walls waiting to be 'discovered'.

Clay family genealogy

Slator is buried in Immanuel along with his wife, two sons and presumed mother in law Mary Curtis Van Bebber (aka Mary Ann Rebber)

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