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Thomas Macdonough

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Thomas Macdonough   (1783-1825)

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Title/OccupationCommander, USN
Address"The Trap", near St. Georges.
ArtistGilbert Stuart
Date painted1816

National Gallery of Art

HIs home, "The Trap" south of St. Georges on Rte. 1 is on the National Register of Historic Places.

He was born NEAR, not IN New Castle. So maybe this page should be "Portraits of the Rich and Famous NEAR or IN New Castle". Anyway, I couldn't resist the beautiful Gilbert Stuart painting of a truly famous naval officer-- the Hero of the battle of Lake Champlain in the war of 1812. He grew up near Rte 9 not far south of the canal and went to sea before he was 16.

Jim Meek
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