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Thomas Stockton

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Thomas Stockton   (1781-1846)

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Title/OccupationGovernor of DE
Address300 Delaware
ArtistEllen Wendell, crayon on paper
Date painted1898 (After a painting by Charles Willson Peale?)
CreditState Portrait Commission*
MarriedFidelia Johns (1804)
ParentsJohn Stockton, Nancy Griffin
Children(5) Thomas, William, James, Elizabeth, and Fidelia

* The State Portrait Commission since the early 20th century (now under Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs) has commissioned artists to paint and/or copy portraits of statesmen and women thought to be important to add to the state's collection.


Many of the objects in the Amstel House descended through the Van Dyke, Johns, Stockton and Moore families to Elizabeth Stockton Moore, who donated them to the New Castle Historical Society.

Nicholas Van Dyke (1738--1789) m Elizabeth Nixon
Ann Van Dyke (1767-1839) m Kensey Johns (1784)
Fidelia Johns (1785-1871) m Thomas Stockton (1804)
Elizabeth Stockton m Richard Moore
Elizabeth Stockton Moore

In addition to furniture items which date back to the Van Dyke residency in the Amstel House, there are items of Stockton's such as his war of 1812 military chest (with TH on the top).

The ladies of the town apparently thought him attractive. There's a small silk lined red, green and white wool needlework purse with decorative stitching and beading in the NCHS collection with a note inside: "Bag given to Thomas Stockton before starting for war of 1812. Made by the ladies of New Castle, Del." Presumably this note was inserted prior to its donation. At this time, men's pants did not have pockets, and he could have used a purse for small items to carry in his over-the-shoulder bag.

Jim Meek
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