New Castle, Delaware
Community History and Archaeology Program 

"A View of The Town of New Castle From The River Delaware, -- Taken the 4th July 1797 -- By Ives le Blanc" Courtesy G. & E. Hargraves

Projects just started

Church history & records
Immanuel Church on the Green gravestone inscriptions

Recent NC CHAP Projects

New Castle parcel map c1680

Where was Fort Casimir?

The Italian-American community in New Castle

Historical American Buildings Survey High resolution images of New Castle in the 1930's from the Library of Congress

Photo gallery Early snapshots around town Page 2

Mother Goose came to New Castle (1965)

The Laird Yacht Basin -- Recollections of Irenee du Pont, Jr.

Early postcards: Greetings from New Castle! Page 2

Views of New Castle from the water -- 1797 to 2005

in 1687

Annotated tax records for New Castle, 1776-1826 -- data on wealth, politics and religion!

Hidden in Plain Sight -- Remains of the New Castle Gas Co.

Flags over Delaware in 1797
The le Blanc drawing of New Castle's Waterfront

The Cave -- a waterfront dive, figuratively, and maybe literally.

The Federal census 1800-1870 for New Castle

Lands of New Castle Common -- The Survey of 1704 -- What property did the deed include?  How does it compare to modern holdings of the Trustees?  Are any of the property marker trees still standing that formed the 'metes and bounds' of the survey?

Archaeological Excavation At Avery's Rest, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

POTS and PLATES ARCHAEOLOGY: A Ceramic Artifacts Identification Workshop
We joined Delaware archaeologists and our neighbors to learn more about ceramic and pottery artifacts from sites around town: How old items are, what they are, what they were used for, and how they were made.  Featured collections include from the Read House gardens, Ft. Casimir excavation and the Jarvis/Blair gardens.

Portraits -- Individual and Group.  In progress -- your contributions needed!

Resident's Recollections

Industry in New Castle:
Tasker Iron Works, Triton Cotton Mill, New Castle Manuf. Co,
Baldt & Brylgon Steel Mills, American Manganese, NVF ....

Mysteries of the Dutch Tile House

Save Our Historic Ice Piers project   (SoHip)

Pesentation: How to Research Historic Properties in New Castle (3mb pdf)

Williamsburg on the Delaware-- the renovation/reconstruction of New Castle proposed in 1947

Preservation Trades Network Workshop

Harbor Reconnaissance with Institute of Maritime History
Synopsis by Kurt Knoerl
Summary Report by David Howe (600 kb .pdf)
Full Report ( 5 mb .pdf file)

Digitization of the Latrobe Survey

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